Dream of: 08 February 1996 "Visiting The Library"

As I was walking toward the front desk of a library to ask for help in finding a book, I ran into two women whom I knew, one of whom I recognized as the actress Ellen DeGeneris from her television series "Ellen." As it turned out, Ellen was temporarily in charge of the library while the woman who was the actual librarian was away.

Having spoken to the women, I started to walk toward the desk. But I realized that instead of proceeding to the desk, I was now moving in a circle, like ridding on a merry-go-round, with the other two women. Somehow they had grabbed me and the three of us were spinning around. All the while the women were laughing uproariously, obviously delighted by their little prank on me. I reached out toward the bookshelves as I whirled around, feeling my fingers scrape over the backs of books as I tried vainly to slow myself down. Finally, seeing no other way to free myself from the two dervishes, I fell to the floor, and they fell beside me, still laughing like hyenas.

Although not laughing, I was however amused by the whole event; I rarely saw someone having such a good time. But I was in a hurry to get my book and I didn't feel as if I had time at the moment to play around. I quickly rose and made my way over to the desk. Ellen also got up and followed me, still laughing and cracking jokes. Obviously she wasn't taking her job seriously; I asked her when the woman who worked here was coming back. I meant my question as a joke, politely poking fun at Ellen, and she and some other people nearby started laughing again.

Then Ellen showed me a television screen on the front desk. I was surprised when I saw that Ellen was on the television. In it she appeared to be doing some kind of lingerie commercial, or at least a spoof on lingerie commercials. She was completely dressed and over her clothes she was wearing some type of white bra-girdle-panties combination as she lay on her back on a bed. It seemed rather bizarre, and Ellen told me she had to beat out another girl in a competition to get the job on the television.


Carolina and I were walking down a street away from the library. We were on the sidewalk, when suddenly we came to a brick wall which was built right across the sidewalk, blocking our path. I stopped right in front of the wall and saw that it only extended out to the edge of the street on our right. On our left I could see some construction workers at work mixing concrete, and I wondered if they had built the wall by mistake. Undeterred, I took Carolina by the hand, walked to the curb and stepped into the street. We walked in the street around the wall, then continued on our way.

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