Dream of: 06 February 1996 "Ain't Misbehavin"

Carolina and I had gone to a theater to see the musical Ain't Misbehavin. As soon as we entered the theater, I saw that it was quite unusual. Instead of one stage, there were three, all side by side in a semi-circle, with rows of seats radiating out from each stage. Carolina and I had come to see a live production, but I was unsure whether the productions on the other two stages were live productions, or simply movies.

At any rate, we quickly realized that the show we had come to see was going to be on the third stage, the one farthest from us. We made our way toward the seats in that section, and headed down toward the front to where our seats were. But when we reached our seats, I was disappointed: although our seats were right in the front, they were over to the side so that part of the stage couldn't be seen. Looking around, I saw that most seats in front of the middle stage were empty, and we walked toward those seats. Standing in the front row of seats in the middle section, I realized that even though I was in front of the middle stage, I could still see the third stage much better than from the seats which had been assigned to us. So we decided to stay and sat down.

Carolina sat down on my left, and right on the other side of her were five or six attractive females (college-aged) who seemed the cliquish type. They were all gabbing and laughing with themselves. But as we sat here, another woman (around 20 years old) walked up and sat right next to me on my right. She looked as if she belonged with the others, but since she couldn't sit right next to them, she had sat next to me.

She was extremely attractive. She had beautiful blonde hair and impeccable skin. Although I was attracted to her, I didn't say anything, thinking we probably didn't have anything in common and there was really no reason to talk with her. But as I sat there, I gradually became aware that my hand was hanging over the hand rest, and my right little finger was barely touching her bare leg. At first I was going to pull it away, but then I realized the girl wasn't pulling away, and I decided to just let my hand stay where it was. If she didn't mind, I saw no reason why I should.

As we sat there touching, I was becoming more and more aroused, but thinking that nothing more would happen than the slight touching. But suddenly to my surprise, the girl stealthily clasped my hand so Carolina didn't see, pulled it underneath her coat which was lying on her lap, slipped it under her dress and left it lying between her legs. I couldn't believe what was happening. I was almost delirious with excitement, but knew I couldn't move. I couldn't really feel much with my hand in the position in which it was placed, but I realized the woman was clearly inviting me to have my way with her in whatever way I wished. However Carolina was still sitting beside me. I was in a delicate situation, and tried to think of what I should do next.

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