Dream of: 02 February 1996 "Krispen"

Carolina and I were traveling around, probably in Europe. We had come to a old city which I had visited before, but which Carolina had never seen. The city was divided into two parts. The old, main section was on a plateau on top of a high hill (reminiscent of Quebec City or Toledo, Spain, which both sit on a hill). We were walking around at the base of the hill in the newer, less interesting section, getting ready to climb up the hill.

Still at the base of the hill, we came to one of the few areas which had been improved and was interesting. Many people were walking on the street, which was adorned with large, black statues. I pointed the area out to Carolina and told her this was the center of town, knowing all along that it wasn't the actual center of town, which was up on top of the hill which we were going to climb. I just thought Carolina would be more impressed with the actual splendor of the city on the hill if she weren't prepared for it, if she thought she had already seen the main attraction.


Carolina and I had reached the top of the hill and the center of the town, and had gone into a quaint little pub to have a drink. We had sat down at a rough wooden table with some other people, and we were engaged in listening to a fellow sitting across from us tell us a story. It sounded as if he was speaking German, although I wasn't completely sure it was German. Whatever language it was, I was able to understand him, and I concentrated on what he was saying. He obviously knew the story by heart and probably had repeated it many times. As he talked, I could almost visualize the words he was speaking as written on a page in front of me.

However when he finished the story, I realized Carolina hadn't understood most of it. She knew a few words of the language, but not most of them. Nevertheless, I thought if the fellow would repeat the story slowly, Carolina might be able to understand it. So I asked him, and he began slowly and laboriously going through the whole story again. I had to stop him several times and slow him down or ask him to repeat so that Carolina would understand. But by the time he reached the end of the story, I realized Carolina still hadn't understood it.

As for myself, there was only one word which I didn't understand – a word which was in the last sentence. The word – which I could almost see as if written in front of me – was "Krispen." I had an idea of what the word meant, but I was uncertain. I asked the fellow and he began moving his hands back and forth around his head. I thought he was indicating that the word meant "to think," which was what I had thought to begin with. I thought another word in his language which meant to think was "penser," and I asked, "Penser?"

He indicated that I was correct.

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