Dream of: 29 January 1996 "Abstract Legal Cases"

I was sitting in a small class room with perhaps 10-15 other students. The subject of the class had something to do with law; and Rembert Glass (my old philosophy professor) was the professor. He had a full black beard, was thin, and looked as if he might be in his late 30s. I was interested in the topic he was teaching, and I was trying to recall some legal cases which I had read to prepare for this class. I wanted to talk with Rembert about how I wanted to relate the abstract legal cases to the real world.

Rembert seemed to be thinking along the same lines as I, because he suddenly announced to the class that we were going to move out of the classroom-setting and into the real world. He motioned to the back of the room, which had no wall, and pointed to a store on the other side of the street which was just outside the room. He told us to follow him as he walked to the back of the room and out onto the street.

I was the first to follow. I and the others didn't get up out of our desks, which were the kind with the seat and the desk fastened together. Instead we all simply began scooting along in the desks, still sitting down. With Rembert in the lead, we formed a line of scooting desks moving along behind him.

We proceeded down the street, which seemed more like the interior of a mall, with shops and stores on both sides. We came to one little store which looked like a dairy fountain, with a bar running right along the street. Just as I was thinking I might like to order some refreshment from the dairy bar, Rembert walked around behind the bar and began taking orders from some of the other students. A couple of them ordered cokes and Rembert proceeded to supply them. I thought I might order a float.

As Rembert walked toward me to take my order, it occurred to me that this was a typical job for him to have, waiting on people like this. It seemed to me that he had once before waited on me in a similar job many years ago.

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