Dream of: 28 January 1996 "In The Army"

It was my first day in the army. I was sitting on my bed in the barracks which stretched off on either side of me. Many other soldiers were also sitting or lying on their beds in the barracks. Next to my bed I had a small desk which I was using for a writing surface. Since I was busy writing I didn't pay much attention to what was going on around me.

But I did have several things on my mind. I thought I was in Viet Nam, back behind the lines where no fighting was going on. But I had heard rumors that my group of soldiers was going to be sent out into the jungle where the enemy was. At first I hadn't been concerned about being in the army, but now I began to realize the gravity of the situation. If I were sent into the jungle, I could actually be killed. I had known soldiers who had returned to the states after fighting in Viet Nam, and the stories they had told were frightening. And now, the thought that I would also go into the fighting, risking my life, alarmed me to the core.

I was wondering what I would take with me in my back pack. As I understood it, I could take whatever I wanted. I had a large, black, portable radio about a foot tall. I thought I might cram it into the back pack, but then I realized that wouldn't be smart. Instead I thought I would take a small, purple pocket radio which I also had.

As I continued writing, I realized it was already late at night and everyone else had gone to bed. I knew I needed to go to bed too, otherwise I would be tired in the morning. I had heard someone say that everyone would be awakened at 5 a.m., but then allowed to go back to sleep until 8 a.m.. I didn't like that because I knew if someone woke me up at five, it would disturb my dream. I liked to wake up naturally from the dream, instead of having it interrupted it the middle.

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