Dream of: 23 January 1996 "Hang On To Me"

Carolina and I had stepped up to a booth which was set up in what appeared to be a flea market. I had been to this booth once before, and I knew postage stamps were sold here. I walked up to a table and began looking at some of the stamps. A woman near me was also looking at some stamps, some beige colored ones. Several other people were also looking at stamps, and the man who owned the place (a husky man about 40 years old) seemed to be doing a good business.

I noticed two stamp albums filled with used stamps. The albums had dark blue colors and were about eight inches by six inches in size. I recalled having seen the albums the last time I had been here. Their price had been marked down to $10.50. I thought I might be able to get them both for $15. I leafed through the albums and saw many colorful stamps which I had never seen before.

I picked up some sheets of stamps and saw that they were priced at $10 a sheet. I knew when the stamps had been purchased new at the post office they had only cost $7 a sheet. One set of stamps had comic characters on them. At first I thought I noticed the comic character "Popeye" on the stamps, but then saw that it wasn't "Popeye."

When I was finally ready to leave, I realized I had bought some stamps myself – a large stack of new commemorative stamps. They were all regular stamps, except for one $2 stamp which apparently had gotten mixed in with the rest.

As Carolina and I were leaving I thought to myself that the man had invested a lot of money in stamps. I knew I also had quite a few stamps at home, and I thought that they must have quickly appreciated in value and that I should keep buying them.

As we began walking through the parking lot to leave, Picasso ran up. He was covered with mud. Another dog also ran up. It was also covered with mud. It was about the same size as Picasso, only it was fatter. I tried to see the spots on the other dog, but it was hard because of the mud. However the dog appeared to have good markings. Although the dog was wearing a collar, I thought I might take it. Although the dog wasn't as pretty as Picasso, I thought it might make a good playmate for him, but a rather slovenly bunch of people came out, and the dog clearly belonged to them.

The people seemed to want to stop and talk with me about dogs, but they seemed so uncouth, I didn't want to stop, and Carolina and I hurried on to the car. When we reached the car, which was red, Carolina got into the front seat and I got into the back. I told her to lie down in the front seat so the people couldn't see us, because I didn't want to talk with them. At first I thought she was going to lie down, but then she refused. Instead, when she saw that the uncouth bunch of people had stopped at another car, she drove the car off the lot.

When she got out onto the road, she began having a difficult time driving. So I climbed over the seat and took her place in the driver's seat. I quickly discovered that the car was difficult to steer. Although the car was new and we had only recently acquired it, something was obviously wrong with it. When an oncoming car in the other lane passed us, I almost hit it. The passing car caused our car to spin around, and I had no control of the steering wheel. I thought our car would come to a stop and I would be able to move in the other direction. But the car spun around again, heading towards a steep cliff which had a body of muddy water at the bottom of it.

Our car crashed through the railing and over the side of a cliff about 25 feet high. We smashed into the water. Carolina panicked and I saw that I was going to have to help her or she wouldn't make it. I knew the water would be icy cold. But I kept my head and remained calm. I could see the water around us on the outside of the car. I knew I would need to wait for the pressure to equalize before I could open a door or window. I could also tell that the car seemed to tilt on my side, so that my side must be turned downwards. Nevertheless I thought I would try to open my door first. I knew I would have to keep Carolina with me and that I couldn't let her go out of the car by herself. I told her, "Hang on to me! stay right with me!"

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