Dream of: 20 January 1996 "I Do My Stand Take Up"

I was in the upstairs middle bedroom of the Gallia County Farmhouse. It appeared that no one was living in the House at the moment, and the House was simply being used to store things. I myself had left a number of my things in the Farmhouse, and I thought I needed to straighten up the things which I had left.

I could see some of my things sitting on a high shelf which I couldn't reach from the floor. I climbed up on something and stood up so I could look onto the shelf. There I could see a number of toys which I thought I might take down and dispose of. I could also see stacks of paperback books which I had stacked up there. The books were probably from the 1950s and were adventure-type books. I had never read them but had only bought them because I liked their interesting covers. I had thought they might be valuable some day, but now I thought I might just dispose of them also.

However, something was impeding me so I was having difficulty moving things around. In the palm of my left hand was an extremely strange growth. Out of my palm were growing what appeared to be small cards – perhaps 50 cards – with each card containing the colorful cover of a book. The cards were about an inch and a half wide and about two inches high. They were actually a part of my body, like some kind of wart. They were causing me no pain, and I could flip through them and see all the covers of the different books. I couldn't use my left hand, however, and I wanted to dispose of them.

A few of the cards were missing, leaving a gap in the pack. I vaguely recalled that I had used some kind of medicine to dispose of those particular cards. I thought I now needed to apply the medicine to all the cards to see if they would fall off at the base.

As I stepped back down on the floor from where I had been looking at the toys and books on the shelf, I seemed to metamorphose into a different person. At the same time I seemed to be looking at this new person as if I were an observer. The new person was a king. He was probably in his sixties and had a white beard and white hair. However he appeared healthy and strong. He was wearing a long white robe and had a golden crown on his head.

The king (or I) was talking to himself. The words he was using were quite abstruse and hard to follow. They seemed like words which might be found in a play. Unable to understand everything which was being said, I somewhat wondered whether the king himself understood what he was saying, and whether he might not be demented. But listening more closely, I understood that he did understand what he was saying, although his state of mind was confused, because he was trying to make a difficult decision.

His soliloquy concerned the heirs to his throne. The king had never had any children, and now he was upset because he didn't have a child to take his place on the throne. He talked of a "stranger to the sand and glass." I understood that "sand and glass" were elements in the king's coat of arms, and that he was talking of someone with a different coat of arms taking over the throne.

Suddenly I knew the king had made a decision as he uttered, "I do my stand take up."

I understood that the king was saying that he was "taking a stand" or that he was making a decision. His words also brought to mind a small fold-up stand which might be set up near a battle field. At any rate, I understood what he was saying. He had decided that he was going to have a child so he would have an heir to the throne.

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