Dream of: 11 January 1996 (2) "Floating Badge"

I was on a farm which had belonged for many years to a man who was my grandfather; I thought I would someday inherit the farm. But while I was in a barn on the farm, I was confronted by a man who claimed to have somehow obtained ownership of the farm from my grandfather. Several of the man's sons were with him. I immediately concluded that the man had somehow crookedly cheated my grandfather out of the farm, and I determined to get the farm back. When I announced my intentions to the man and his sons, they reacted violently and tried to throw me from the barn. However one of the man's sons mutinied and joined me. He thought I was right. I threw my arms around him and together we walked out of the barn. I told him that it was claimed that my grandfather "lost the farm in a poker game." But the son said he didn't think the farm had actually been lost, judging from the way his father and brothers had reacted to me. I could see that something here was definitely wrong.


I was viewing the inside of the house of the man who claimed to own the farm. The man who said he owned the farm was there. other men were also there, and they were all dressed up like cowboys. One man was wearing a badge in the shape of a star. He seemed extremely egotistical. He looked at one man in the room and said that the man had the favor of having his eyes on him.

When the man with the badge stood to leave, the man who said he owned the farm also stood up. As both men stood there, the star badge floated off the chest of the one man, and floated over to the chest of the man who claimed ownership of the farm. It was amazing how the badge simply floated through the air.

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