Dream of: 11 January 1996 "Crash Landing"

Standing in front of the Gallia County Farmhouse, I was surprised to see my mother having a yard sale; she had arranged her wares all over the front yard. I walked through the yard, looking at the items being sold; everything looked brand new and of high quality – I might even buy something myself.

I stopped in front of a large black metal contraption which puzzled me at first, until I finally figured out it was a fancy barbecue grill. My mother walked up and said this barbecue grill had cost her her marriage with my father. I was unsure what she meant, but apparently the grill had been built by my father at my mother's insistence, and somehow the grill had led to my mother's and my father's separating. As I stood examining the grill, Walls walked up and looked it over, obviously interested in buying it.

The Farmhouse sits atop a small hill which overlooks the dirt road and bridge which goes over Symmes Creek down below. The front yard is buttressed in front by a wall about three meters high so that if one walks straight out to the end of the yard, one comes to the wall and a straight three meter drop off.

I walked over to the top of the wall and looked out over the road and creek. As I stood there, several people walked up, stood near me and began talking. Some spoke of how dangerous it would be to jump off the wall from this height. As the conversation proceeded, two attractive women stood on each side of me. One of them somewhat resembled Marcy D'Arcey (the character played by the actress Amanda Bearse on the television series Married with Children) – except this woman was much more attractive, and had much larger breasts. In fact, as both women pressed up against me and I put my arms around both women, I noticed that both women had particularly large breasts. As they continued talking about how dangerous jumping from this height would be, I thought I would prove how brave I was by doing it. Instead of jumping, however, (with the women still under my arms) I slowly began walking down a section of the wall which was broken into pieces forming step-like platforms for me to step on and we quickly reached the bottom.

I could immediately detect the reproof of those watching me, as if they were saying I hadn't really jumped. I knew they were right and I knew I had to prove myself. I saw just the way to do it. In front of me was yet another wall, even taller, perhaps six meters high, which I had never seen before. I walked up to the wall and without further hesitation, threw myself into the air off the side.

I had in mind that I knew how to fly and that I would be able to catch the air currents which would allow me to land softly. To dramatize the event, I began doing twists and turns in the air, somewhat like a diver from a diving board might do. But I quickly realized I was in trouble: I wasn't gaining altitude as I had hoped, but was plummeting out of control toward the ground. But now I didn't seem to be the one who was falling in the air – I seemed to be still standing on the side of the wall, watching someone else fall twisting through the air. I grimaced as the body of the person fell with a thud on its side on the ground. I even somewhat seemed to feel the impact myself.

I raced over to the spot where the body had impacted. To my surprise, instead of a body, I found a tube of toothpaste, which I picked up in my hand. It looked as if the tube had hit the ground fairly hard, and I could see that some of the toothpaste (the blue gel kind) was even seeping out of the tube. Clearly the tube had been damaged, but it was still usable. As for myself, I felt shook up, as if I also had gone through a jolt, but had come out of it basically uninjured.

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