Dream of: 09 January 1996 "It Was An Honor"

I was at Baylor Law School where I had come to take a law exam. The exam was necessary to maintain my law license, and apparently was given to all lawyers on a regular basis every four years. I was apprehensive about taking the exam because I hadn't studied any for it, and I thought I needed to study at least a day. I began thinking of the many different law codes and how I needed to review each of them. But time was running out. If I only had time to review one code, I would go over the ethics code for lawyers, since I knew the exam would be heavily focused in that area. Actually, I thought, there was a good deal of material in the ethics code which was unfamiliar to me.

The room I was in was quite capacious and filled with hundreds of other lawyers who had likewise come to take the exam. I didn't think I knew anyone there, but then one fellow who recognized me walked up and began talking with me. Although he clearly knew me, try as I may, I couldn't remember who he was. He even pulled out a picture which he had of me. In the picture I seemed to be sitting in some grandstands with many other people. I looked about 25 years old, and I had such an earnest look on my face, the look of someone intensely interested in life. It vaguely seemed to me that I had changed a lot since that picture had been taken.

Somehow I became separated from the fellow and as I walked out into a hallway, I encountered another fellow who began talking with me. As we walked along together, I was quickly cognizant that he was intoxicated on alcohol. He wanted me to go with him to get something to drink, and I almost felt like going; but I declined.

Instead I walked over to a fax machine, where I found a message waiting for me. It was from the first fellow who had known me. The message began, "It was an honor ...," and then went on to say how much the fellow had respected me and had enjoyed talking with me. I really didn't know what to think of this fellow. I couldn't understand why he admired me so.

As I stood there a letter began coming through on the fax machine. It was from some kind of local auto repair shop which was offering a special deal for the attorneys who had gathered there. The deal was to have old motors overhauled and rebuilt so they would be almost like new.

As I was standing there, I noticed that I was wearing a hunting knife in a sheath in my belt. I was also wearing a handgun in a holster, probably a .38 caliber. I recalled that Texas had only recently passed a new law which allowed people to carry handguns if they had a permit, and I knew that I had already obtained such a permit. However I also noticed that no one else except me was carrying a handgun. Suddenly I knew why: one of the exceptions for carrying a handgun was that it couldn't be carried inside a university.

I held my jacket over the handgun to cover it up. I thought I needed to get outside as quickly as possible and take off the gun. As I walked through the hall, I noticed someone else who was also wearing a handgun. I tried to catch up to the fellow to ask if he knew it was still illegal to carry handguns inside a school, but I lost him in the crowd before I could catch him.

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