Dream of: 05 January 1996 "Heading To Europe"

I was at the home of my uncle Liston (the brother of my mother). My mother was also there, and she was helping me pack some of my clothes for a trip I was planning to take. I was going to go to Europe, and I knew I would be away for a least two years. Therefore I needed to pack as many clothes as possible.

My mother had already packed most of my things, but I discovered that she had failed to pack any of my suits for me. We were standing in a bedroom which had a large closet. I could see a large shelf about my eye level in the closet. On the shelf were arranged many of my clothes which I was going to leave behind while I went to Europe. However I also saw that my suits were on the shelf, and I wanted to take at least a couple of the suits with me.

Since the suits were at the back of the shelf, I tried to climb up on the shelf to reach them. But unfortunately I felt the shelf began to break from my weight, and I backed off, realizing I had cracked it. I felt abashed when one of my uncle's sons walked into the room, for I realized he would see that I had broken the shelf. But when we looked at the shelf more carefully, we were unable to detect the crack, although in my mind I was sure it was there.

I knew I needed to hurry because my plane would be leaving soon. I was still not even sure what I was going to do in Europe. I only knew I had enough money to last me for a couple years. During that time, I might find work. If not, I would have to return to the States and go back to work.

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