Dream of: 31 December 1995 (2) "Eagle"

I was on the Gallia County Farm, about a kilometer from the Farmhouse, in the large field right on the other side of Symmes Creek where the old swimming hole used to be. The field had been planted in corn, the green stalks of which rose over my head. The only place I could see was up in the sky, and even that view was partially blocked by the long leaves swaying above me.

Looking up toward the high hill on one side of the field, I saw something fly through the sky and disappear out of sight. Surprised by what I thought I had seen, I kept looking until it appeared again. Still unable to see it for more than a few seconds, now I was at least sure of what I had seen: a bald eagle.

I continued watching the sky until the eagle appeared several more times. I could clearly see its white hood and white ankles standing out against the deep black feathers of the rest of its body. I was extremely excited. Never had I seen anything as beautiful as this on the Farm. I couldn't wait to tell my father; he would also be excited by the news.

I hurried toward the side of the field by the creek, anxious to see if I could determine where the eagle was living. I had the feeling the eagle had a nest somewhere nearby and perhaps even some nestlings. As soon as I reached an open area outside the corn, I surveyed my surroundings. One extremely large tree – perhaps a sycamore – stood in the open area where I was. I hadn't expected the eagle to be in that tree, but to my surprise, I looked up and saw a large, bulky nest in the top of the tree.

The eagle, perching atop the nest, wasted no time when it saw me. It immediately sprung into the air and swooped down toward me. I quickly picked up a branch about two meters long to protect myself. When the eagle approached me, I fended it off with the branch, and it landed about three meters from me. It stood there opening its beak and hissing at me. Even as it threatened me, it appeared to be a magnificent animal, and I wouldn't have done anything to hurt it unless it was absolutely necessary to protect myself. But it appeared as if the eagle was going to maintain its distance from me and was only trying to ward me off from its nest.

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