Dream of: 25 December 1995 "Show Of Authority"

I was with a large group of several hundred people who were on a trek up the side of a huge mountain. It seemed that we were all being forced to march against our wills, almost as if we were prisoners. After we were quite high into the mountain, a tremendous rain storm broke out. It was quickly evident that we wouldn't be able to continue higher, and that we must turn around to go back down. However, the road behind us was flooded, and we couldn't go back down either.

We spent one night on the trail, thinking the waters might recede by the morning; but they didn't. The following morning it was determined that anyone who wanted to leave could brave the waters and go back down the mountain. At the same time it was also discovered that many snakes were in the water (I even saw a couple large snakes in the trees around us) and anyone who went into the water risked being attacked by a snake.

We had originally had some horses when we had begun the trip, but now I only saw one horse left. The leader of the group climbed up on the back of the large brown horse and prepared to lead some of the people back off the mountain. At this point it was probably more dangerous to ride the horse than go by foot, but the leader apparently felt it was proper for him to be on the horse to help show his authority.

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