Dream of: 24 December 1995 "Final Goodbyes"

Louise and I were married, but we had been separated for quite a while. During the time we had been apart, I had dated several women, and had formed a relationship with Carolina. In fact, I had fallen in love with Carolina, even though I was still in love with Louise.

Louise was now planning to go to England where she was going to study for a year and a half. I was going to take her to the airport; but before we left, I put my arms around her and hugged her. I felt as if she loved me, and I loved her. But I felt torn, because I knew that now I also loved Carolina.

Louise and I had a daughter (3-4 years old) who was sitting next to us. Our daughter would be going to England with Louise. I contemplated having the daughter remain with me, but I quickly concluded that wouldn't be a good idea. I said my final good-byes to Louise and got ready to let her go.

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