Dream of: 18 December 1995 "Toothbrush"

I had gone to the Dollar Movie Theater in North Richland Hills, Texas. It was 6:30 p.m. when I arrived, although the show I wanted to see wasn't going to start until 7:15. Since I was so early, when I walked up to the window to buy my ticket, the girl inside asked me if it was the 7:15 show which I wanted to see. When I told her that was the show I wanted, she gave me the ticket.

I walked on into the lobby, thinking I had a reason for coming early. This particular theater had a special promotion to attract customers: anyone who bought a ticket was entitled to a free bath, as well as the products needed to take the bath. I walked up to the concession stand and among other items, was given a bottle of shampoo and a toothbrush. With these I walked into a neighboring hall, where I saw a row of nine or ten doors, all of which I knew led to separate bathrooms. I walked up to one, opened it and walked in.

Wasting no time I took off my clothes and climbed into the large white bathtub already filled with hot water. I washed and began using the shampoo, which was in a white plastic bottle. I knew this was an especially good shampoo, probably the best I had even used in my life. I poured more shampoo into my hand than I should have, put it on my hair and worked up a luxurious lather. I loved this particular type of shampoo and decided I was going to take the bottle with me when I left, since I thought that was permitted.

Lying back in the tub, I must have dozed off, for when I came to myself, I realized I had already been in the bathroom for half an hour. Surprisingly, no one had knocked on the door to hurry me; but I knew I had stayed longer than I should, and I thought people outside were probably wondering why I had taken so long. I quickly climbed out of the tub and put on my clothes. I gathered together the items which I had been given and put them it a cardboard box sitting on the floor. I noticed several cans of motor oil also in the box and thought I would also take those with me. The only problem was that I knew the box was going to be bulky to carry around. I thought of just sticking the shampoo into the pocket of the gray jacket which I was wearing. But the pocket wasn't big enough, so I wasn't going to have any choice but to carry the box.

I picked up my box and walked back out into the lobby. Only when I was in the lobby did I realize I wasn't wearing any shoes. At first I thought I had left the shoes in the bathroom; but suddenly I realized I had left them somewhere else. It occurred to me that earlier I had already been to another show which had been playing on one of the other screens in the theater, and I had left my shoes there.

I hurried off to the theater room where I thought I had left my shoes. I walked inside and saw no show was on the screen, but people were already being seated for the next show. I walked down to the seats on the front left side where I recalled I had been sitting. All the seats in that area had already been taken, all by black people. I knelt down on my hands and knees and looked around under the seats, but I couldn't find my shoes anywhere. Finally giving up, I stood back up and walked out. I felt rather stupid for having lost my shoes, which were far more valuable than the things in the cardboard box which I had been so concerned about keeping.

I walked on to the theater room where the show which I was going to see was playing. When I walked in I saw almost all the seats were taken. But I saw a couple seats in the middle and walked over to one. When I sat down, all the seats around me were taken, except the one on my right which was empty.

The room was unusual because it was quite bright and all the walls were painted white. It seemed extremely clean there. Quite a few black people were in the room and I noticed a black couple sitting right in front of me.

On the other side of the empty seat on my right was an old black woman with gray hair. As I waited for the show to start, she and I struck up a conversation, and we were soon talking about dreams. I began telling her a theory I had about dreams. I said I thought it was possible to actually bring a solid object back to the waking world from a dream. She agreed with me, and I had the feeling she might have even accomplished such a feat. I told her I myself was practicing doing such a thing, and I was working on bringing back a toothbrush. I wasn't exactly sure how it would work. I only knew I would have a toothbrush in my dream, and when I awoke, I would still have it. I didn't know exactly how it would be done, but it made sense to me that it was possible. It seemed it would be somewhat like going to a movie, getting a toothbrush there, and going home with it.

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