Dream of: 17 December 1995 "Garden Club"

I was in the living room of someone's house where some kind of moving sale or estate sale was taking place. On the floor were two potted broad leaf plants, each plant being about a half meter tall. As I was looking at the plants, I noticed a woman next to me also looking at them; gradually she and I fell into a conversation about the plants.

What caught our attention was that one of the plants had a vine-like stem which had reached over to the second plant and encircled its stems. It was difficult to tell where the viny first plant ended and the second plant began. But in the second pot, it was clear that part of the plant was healthy and part of it wasn't. I followed the viny stem and traced it around the stem of the second plant, until I was able to announce to the woman that the first plant with the viny appendage was the healthy plant, and the second plant was the weaker plant.

As I had talked to the woman, I had quickly become very attracted to her. She was much older than most women who attracted me. Usually I was attracted to women in their 20s, but this woman was probably in her early 40s. Yet she was in extremely good shape. Her relucent face was mature, but had no wrinkles. Her brown, almost blonde, hair, virtually shone. And her personality was bubbling and exuberant. She looked a lot like Kathy Lee Gifford.

I wondered if she were married and I tried to see her left ring finger. When I was finally able to see it, I saw a ring with a dark red stone in it obviously not a wedding ring and I concluded that she wasn't married. But I didn't think the information was going to do me much good; I would probably never see her again.

Nevertheless, she likewise seemed interested in me and asked me if I had any plants at home. I told her I wasn't much of a gardener, but I did have six cacti and one potted tree. She protested that if I had any plants at all then I must have some interest in gardening.

As we talked, at one point she slightly touched my hand with hers. The sensation of her touch was so pleasurable, it went through my entire body. Something unusual was obviously happening here. I felt as if I were falling in love with the woman right there on the spot. I definitely didn't want this brief encounter to be the only time I ever saw her. But I didn't know how to broach the idea of seeing her again.

Then to my surprise, she suggested that I come to a meeting of a garden club which she belonged to. I put both hands over my face and moaned "A garden club."

To me, garden clubs were for people who had no lives, or at least nothing to do with their lives. I could just imagine a bunch of women sitting around talking about plants, hardly the type of subject that would capture my attention. But the woman continued talking about the club, and even called it the "amorous garden club." I knew, even as alien as the idea of a garden club was to me, that I was definitely going to go. I wasn't going to miss a chance to see this woman again, wherever it was.

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