Dream of: 12 December 1995 (2) "Not For A Million Dollars"

While I was walking around an airport terminal, I came across a large room where some pamphlets were being passed out, and I picked one up. Looking over the pamphlet, I realized people were going into the room to have specimens of their blood drawn so it could be determined what type of blood each person had. Apparently people with a rare blood type were being sought, and if a person had the rare blood type, he or she would be paid a large bonus if he or she would agree to donate blood on a regular basis.

The pamphlet said people with the rare blood type were no different from anyone else, except that people with the rare blood type commonly were advised to stay away from airports.

I didn't even know what my blood type was, but I thought there was a good chance that I had the rare blood type, although I knew it didn't bother me to be around airports. Looking at that pamphlet, I saw that it appeared that "A negative" and "A positive" were the most common blood types. It appeared that "D" was the rare type now being sought. I thought I would go ahead and give a specimen and find out exactly what my type was.

Meanwhile, from where I was standing, I could see out a large window to the airport runway. I had noticed four men (probably in their early 20s) had walked past me and out to the runway. There they had all climbed into an old dark green car, and to my amazement, the car had begun rising into the air like a helicopter. I thought to myself that all four of the men were being imprudent because the car looked quite unsafe.

As if to verify my thoughts, once the car was about 50 meters in the air, it seemed to stall and cant forward. Right before my eyes the car started to fall, turning over in mid air, and finally crashing on its top. I was flabbergasted. The wreck looked serious, and I couldn't be sure anyone could have survived.

I thought to myself I wouldn't have gotten into that car and taken off flying for a million dollars, but then I asked myself, if I hadn't known the car was going to crash, and someone had offered me a million dollars, whether I would have taken a chance. No, I was sure. Even for a million dollars I would have not flown in that car.

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