Dream of: 12 December 1995 "Oh You Fool"

I was in a rocky forested region covered with snow. Standing on a ledge about ten meters above me was a large black bear. Although I knew the bear could be dangerous if provoked, I didn't think it would attack me if I threw some snowballs at it. I picked up one handful of snow after another, pressed the snow into snowballs and threw them at the bear, watching them break on the bear's black chest. At first the bear didn't seem to mind, but then I had the feeling that it was becoming perturbed and that it was getting ready to attack me. Apprehensive, I turned around and escaped into a large cave.

Inside, the cave was immense, with a ceiling perhaps 50 meters high. The cave was also lit up, and I could see many other men moving about. Looking at the other men, I realized that they were dressed in military garb, and that they were engaged in some kind of military activity.

Suddenly someone cried out there was a bomb near the front of the cave. The others and I quickly scuttled to the rear of the cave and crouched down. The bomb exploded, lighting every recess of the cave with tremendous light. When the light subsided, I looked back toward the entrance, and to my amazement, I saw the bomb hadn't exploded in the cave at all, but far away. I could see through the cave entrance to the far horizon, and there I could see a mushroom cloud, obviously from a nuclear blast. It looked as if the mushroom cloud was 20-30 kilometers away.

Only now did I notice small rooms with glass doors in the rear of the cave. A man who looked like Paul Newman stepped out of one room. When another man rushed up, the man who looked like Newman said he had just made a bundle of money on the stock market. Apparently he had been buying and selling stock even as the nuclear explosion had taken place. But the man who had rushed up cried, "Oh you fool!" The man then explained that the stock market had obviously crashed due to the outbreak of nuclear hostilities.

At first, trading stock during a nuclear war seemed absurd, but on further reflection, I wondered if it were so foolish. After all, when the war was over, someone would have to own the stock.

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