Dream of: 11 December 1995 "Odieosin"

I was driving a car through the back roads in Gallia County, Ohio. Several other people were riding in the car with me, and some seemed to be related to me. As we drove along, I began to notice that the road appeared to be covered with snow and ice; finally the driving became so treacherous the car slid into someone's front yard. No one inside the car was hurt, and we all piled out of the car.

The man who lived in the house where we had stopped came out. He seemed to know me and he mentioned I had already left one car here at his house before. He pointed me over to his garage, and when I walked inside it, I found a car sitting along one wall. On the side of the car written in letters about four inch high was the word "Collier." I now remembered that there was a make of car called a "Collier," that I had once owned one and that I had left it parked here. It had been so long ago I had completely forgotten.

The others and I now piled into the car and without further ado, I started off again driving down the road. As I moved along, a woman in the backseat began talking. She was probably in her early 40s and was somehow related to me. She apparently was a scientist and said she had been working on a drug called "Odieosin." The drug was supposed to be a cure for muscular dystrophy and the initial results had been promising.

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