Dream of: 30 November 1995 "Sex, Drugs, Rock And Roll"

I was inside the Gallia County Farmhouse. However it didn't look like the Farmhouse at all, but rather like a large circular auditorium, with a stage in the center and rows of seats rising all around the stage. The place reminded me of something else, but I couldn't figure out what it was at first. A rock concert was going to take place and people were starting to filter in and take their seats.

I saw a fellow whom I had known in Portsmouth in the early 1970s and I began talking to him. He looked just as he did when I used to know him: he was skinny and had long dark hair. I knew he made his money playing guitar for a rock and roll band. But I also thought he dealt some drugs and I asked him if he had any acid. He pulled out a matchbox and said he had one hit left. He opened the matchbox and poured a white tablet onto a metal table in front of us. I picked it up and looked at it. At first I thought it looked like a tab of what we used to call Orange Sunshine back in the early 1970s. But this tab was white, and I thought it looked more like what I had known as White Osley.

I laid the tab back on the counter and told the fellow I wanted to think about it a little bit first. I knew I wanted to take it, but I hadn't taken any acid in more than 15 years, and I didn't want to jump into it without thinking. Since this was his last hit, I asked him if he thought he would be getting any more any time soon. He seemed unsure, indicating the drug market was always uncertain. But he said he would leave the hit lying there on the table for a while until I made my decision.

I walked up into the tiers of seats and sat down. From where I was I could look right down at the table, which was sitting at the back of the stage, and see the tiny white dot of acid lying there. But as I looked at the stage, I realized it looked more like a small arena than a stage. When a cow was led into the arena, I now realized what this place reminded me: an arena for a livestock auction.

As the cow was turned loose in the arena, I watched as it walked over and began licking the top of the table. Aghast I realized the cow was licking the table right where the acid was, and that it might lick up the acid. If the cow licked up the acid, it would probably start tripping, and who knows what it would do. Besides that, I would lose my opportunity to take the acid.

I jumped up and rushed down to the arena and to the table. To my relief, the tab was still lying there. However, for some reason, it had begun to melt, and a small puddle of liquid was under the tab. I quickly picked up the tab and stuck it in my mouth. I then began rubbing my fingers in the liquid and licking the liquid from my fingers. As I did so, I realized members of my family were sitting up in the bleachers, and I was concerned they might wonder what I was doing. I thought it would be best if they didn't know I was taking any acid.

I figured I would probably start tripping rather quickly, especially since some of the acid had been in liquid form. If I were going to trip, I thought it would be best for me to get outside, away from all the turmoil inside. I headed for the door, opened it and stepped out into the backyard of the Farmhouse.

I surveyed the area, trying to determine if I were beginning to hallucinate any. I thought I was beginning to hallucinate slightly, and I knew I needed to get to a safe place before the hallucinations became too strong. Behind me in the house, I could hear the sound of loud rock and roll music. Apparently the band had gotten set up and started playing. I was glad I was getting away from that too, because I would like a nice quiet place to trip.

I looked up the hill behind the Farmhouse, saw the old tobacco barn and decided that would be a good place to go. I quickly covered the 30 or so meters to the barn and headed inside through a small door. However I quickly realized I had started into a long narrow passage like a tunnel, and I backed out. Next to me on my left I saw a larger door, about the size of a garage door, and I even thought I had seen someone drive a car into it. I walked into the barn through that door with no problems.

Once inside I found a comfortable room, sat down and began watching a scene unfold in front of me. It seemed as if I were watching TV, but the people I saw were life-like and appeared to be right in front of me. Lying on a bed was the NBC newscaster, Tom Brokaw. Lying on each side of him were two of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. Both women were probably about 20 years old and had impeccable bodies. The one on his right said her name was Cindy Crawford. I couldn't remember what Cindy Crawford looked like, and was doubtful that this was she. But whoever this woman was, she was more than adequate.

I couldn't clearly see what the other woman was wearing, but the woman who identified herself as Cindy was only wearing bra and panties. She turned to Brokaw and asked him if he wanted her to pull her panties down a little. Brokaw tried to remain aloof, as if he weren't interested, but when Cindy pulled her panties down so that about half of her fluffy brown pubic region was exposed, his interest was evident. However he continued to just lie there, until Cindy took hold of his hand and began rubbing it over her stomach, finally passing it over the pubic region. Cindy told him that she and the other woman had many tricks which they would like to teach him. At first Brokaw seemed as if he were going to resist the temptation and refrain from going any further, but suddenly he rose up, picked up Cindy in his arms and began wildly groping at her. I couldn't see well what then transpired, but I could well imagine that Brokaw was doing his best to copulate with his ravishing partner.


Brokaw was gone and I was lying in the bed with the women. One of them however now seemed older as if she were perhaps around 40, and with her long black hair she somewhat reminded me of Birdie. She told me she and the other woman still had a lot of tricks which they wanted to show me. I was a bit reluctant at first, but realizing that I was already naked and that I had a serious erection, I felt my reluctance quickly fade.

The older woman had me stand up while she knelt down on one side me. My penis stuck straight out from my body, parallel to the floor. The older woman brought her face up to the left side of my penis and began rapidly sticking out and retracting her tongue, flicking my penis with it all up and down it length. The younger woman then knelt down on my right and began flicking my penis on that side. So this, I thought to myself, was what they meant by new tricks. I wasn't particularly impressed by the flicking action, but the sight of two beautiful women trying to please me at the same time was quite exciting. I wondered what other tricks they had up their sleeves.

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