Dream of: 27 November 1995 "Preparing For Battle"

I was in Croatia or Serbia, getting ready to fight on the side of one of the warring parties. It was unclear on which side I was fighting, but I was committed to the side I had chosen.

I had arrived in a building which appeared damaged from previous fighting. Some people were gathered in the room, but most of the group had just gone out on a sortie to encounter the enemy. I was in a room on an upper story, and I looked out one of the windows to watch the coming battle. I watched as a swarm of combatants ran with their weapons from our building into the street cluttered with abandoned cars and rubble. Suddenly enemy soldiers sprang out and the battle began. Fierce close-range fighting erupted. I saw men run up to enemy soldiers, point a gun right in their face and fire. Many people appeared to be getting killed, but curiously, I saw no bodies lying on the ground.

The battle soon ended and the soldiers on my side retreated back to the building. Many came up to the room where I was and they began preparing for the next battle. Piles of clothes and weapons were strewn about the room, and the soldiers rummaged through the piles, looking for clothes and guns for the next battle.

Only slowly did I realize I also needed to start getting ready, for I also would be taking part in the next battle. I approached a young black-haired woman who seemed to be helping people find what they needed. When I told her I needed clothes, she looked a little surprised. I could tell that because I was a foreigner she was unsure both of my allegiances and my fighting ability. But finally she seemed to satisfy herself that I was on her side, and she looked around the room for something for me to wear.

Unfortunately the type of clothing I wanted appeared to be gone. I was mainly interested in something black. Since we would be doing some night fighting, I wanted to be as inconspicuous as possible. The woman scrounged through a pile of clothes until she came up with a pair of blue pants. But I was unsatisfied with her choice and I began looking for myself. Finally I found a pair of black cotton gym pants. I kept searching until I found a black sweat shirt to go with it. I was satisfied.

Next I needed a gun. Fortunately there was still a good selection of guns to choose from. I knew I wanted a light-weight machine gun, and I looked until I found what I wanted. I held the gun in my hand and was impressed by just how light it was. I should be able to carry it for a long distance. I was beginning to feel more and more prepared to take part in the next battle.

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