Dream of: 20 November 1995 (2) "Hallucinogenic Worm"

I had been staying in my Cabin on the Gallia County Farm. My Cabin sits back on the highest hill of the Farm, a little more than a kilometer from the Farmhouse.

When I left the Cabin and walked down to the Farmhouse to visit for a while, I found my father, my mother, and several other members of my family gathered around the kitchen table, having a meal. I walked in and spoke to them, but no one even acknowledged my presence. If they wanted to be that way, it didn't bother me; I would just take care of what I needed to do and leave.


I was driving a large truck which belonged to my father. Another fellow was riding along with me in the passenger seat. I was headed in the direction of Gallipolis from the Farm. As I drove, I slowly realized the brakes weren't functioning. After managing to pull into a filling station, I stepped out, called my father on the phone, and told him the problem. He said he had been unaware that the brakes were malfunctioning, but he couldn't do anything about it right now. I had no choice but to get back in the truck and head for Gallipolis again. I thought at least the truck had an emergency brake which I could use if necessary.

The other fellow and I again headed down the road. I thought I would take a gravel road off to my left up ahead; that way I would miss downtown Gallipolis, and I wouldn't have to deal with trying to stop at red lights.

When we reached Gallipolis, I stopped at another filing station. The other fellow and I stepped out of the truck and walked inside, where we found a group of people waiting for a man who was going to sell them some drugs.

When the man selling the drugs arrived (probably in his mid 60s), he beckoned my companion and me to come into a small back room, no larger than a closet. He said he would like for my companion and me to sell some drugs for him. He said he would give us some of the drugs now, and he pulled out some gold-colored marijuana which looked extremely potent.

He also pulled out some chocolate-colored powder and poured some of it into my hand. I knew the powder was a hallucinogenic drug, perhaps mescaline. The old man then walked out of the room. It occurred to me that my companion and I might just steal the man's drugs. What could he do? He certainly couldn't call the police.

My companion and I began snorting the chocolate powder. As we did so, I noticed that mixed in with the powder was a pod, about five centimeters long. I pried on the pod until it opened in my hand. I was startled as a slimy snaily gray worm slithered out. I grimaced and dropped the disgusting worm onto the ground. But I was more concerned with something else: I reflected that since the pod had been mixed in with the powder, we didn't have as much powder to snort as I had originally thought. That was disappointing.

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