Dream of: 20 November 1995 "Hallucinogenic Cheerios"

I was standing on a city street with 10-11 black guys and a couple white guys. One of the white guys was Craft (a classmate in some of my classes in junior high school) whom I hadn't seen since I was in junior high. I asked some of the others if anyone there knew where I could buy some marijuana. Somebody pointed out a white fellow in his late teens, and Craft and I walked over to him. The white fellow then led us around a corner and over to a chest of drawers which was sitting right out on the street.

I asked the fellow if he had any pot to sell. At first I thought he probably wouldn't sell me anything because he didn't know me, and I said as much to him. But he seemed unconcerned by that, and he proceeded to open up the top drawer of the chest of drawers. I could see a baggie of pot inside the drawer, as well as several other bags of pills. I could tell that there was quite a variety of different kinds of drugs. I thought if the fellow had any acid, I might be interested in buying some. However I knew I wouldn't be interested in amphetamines or downers, because I didn't like those kinds of drugs. When I asked the fellow if he had any acid, he said he did, and he pointed out three different bags which contained white pills.

The pills in each of the three bags which the fellow pointed out were of different sizes, but all were in the shape of small ovals with holes in the middle, like doughnuts or cheerios. He said the small pills cost one dollar each, the middle sized pills cost three dollars each and the largest ones cost five dollars each. The largest pills were probably an eighth of a centimeter in size, and I decided those would be the ones I would buy. I inquired about the strength of the pills, telling the fellow I wanted to make sure I got a strong dose. If I were going to take the acid, I didn't want to mess around with a small dose. I was also concerned about the purity of the acid, but I had the feeling it was pure. The fellow indicated that two of the large pills would be more than sufficient. I also thought I would buy a couple for Craft, since I knew he didn't have any money himself.

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