Dream of: 18 November 1995 "Karate Lessons"

I had decided to start taking karate lessons and had arrived for my first day of class. I was wearing the gray karate suit I had recently bought at a garage sale, and although it was slightly small on me, it fit well enough.

The lesson began and I practiced kicks. I had studied karate many years ago, and I hadn't completely forgotten what I had once learned; however my body was terribly out of shape, and I could quickly feel myself beginning to perspire. Nevertheless, I could feel the strength mounting in my limbs, and an invigorating feeling seemed to be pulsing through my muscles. I could actually feel the strength, small as it was, building in my body.

Other students were also practicing, and they seemed to be wearing the same kind of gray outfit as I. I wondered if I would actually spar with any of the students. They looked rather young and inexperienced. I thought even as out of shape as I was, I should have little trouble facing them.

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