Dream of: 16 November 1995 "Fruits Of Burglary"

Carolina and I were living in a rural area with few neighbors around us. As I was looking out the window one day, I noticed a brick house about 20 meters away from us, a house of which I had been vaguely aware before, but which had never fully registered in my mind. I wondered who lived there; I also wondered if Carolina and I might not be able to burglarize the house when no one was home.

Staring up at the house, which sat on a slope slightly above our house, I began to visualize what the interior and the people inside looked like. I could see a thin man (about 40 years old) with graying hair. I immediately had the feeling that he was a drug dealer, and that if Carolina and I broke into his house when he wasn't there, we could steal his drugs.


After hearing a loud noise, I awoke in the bedroom of my house. I was lying in the bed and Carolina was beside me. I quickly realized that the noise I had heard was thunder, and that a terrific storm was taking place. We could hear the furious rain beating against the outside of the house. We both dressed and walked downstairs, where we saw puddles of water on the floor; obviously the roof was leaking. I was quickly concerned, because I knew I had large quantities of drugs in the house, and I was afraid the rain would ruin the drugs.

I recalled that indeed Carolina and I had burglarized the neighbor's house and stolen his drugs. In fact, I could remember a scene in which we had been in the house; a large brown dog had ripped through one of the inside walls and we had found the drugs on the other side of the wall. Returning to our house with the drugs, we had proceeded to hide the drugs at various locations throughout our house.

As we now walked to the kitchen, I saw some of the drugs lying on the table. There were a couple large chunks of brown heroin, as big as my hand. I also saw a hefty pile of cocaine. I noticed water had already damaged part of the cocaine, turning it brown. I stuck my fingers in the cocaine which was still dry, put my fingers to my nose and snorted some of it. But I felt no effects. I was inexperienced at snorting cocaine and I thought the problem might be that the cocaine needed to be diced up with a razor blade to make the particles smaller. I told Carolina to find me a razor blade, which she quickly did. I then used the razor blade to start dicing the cocaine. I thought that I would then make some lines, and that Carolina and I could snort it. I told her to find a dollar bill and roll it up so we could use it.

But just then I heard somebody outside the kitchen door. The rain had stopped and the door was open, but a screen door was shut. It looked as if five or six people were standing outside on the other side of the screen. I walked over to the door and saw two attractive women (probably in their mid 20s) standing right outside. They seemed friendly as they spoke to me. But I was immediately alarmed, and right in front of them I told Carolina the women were narks. The women immediately dropped their friendly facade and demanded to be let in. A man also walked up to the front door and joined the chorus. I told them they could only come in if they had a search warrant signed by a judge. The man had a camera in his hand and began pointing it toward the kitchen table where the dope was lying and taking pictures. I looked toward the table to make sure the dope wasn't visible, and as far as I could see it wasn't. Frustrated, the narks turned to leave, and I began contemplating what I was going to do with the dope.

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