Dream of: 12 November 1995 "Piece De Resistance"

I was in an office with Wheat. He was sitting at a desk and I was sitting in front of him. We hadn't seen each other in quite a while, since we had broken off our friendship; but we had come together to work on a project, which we had just concluded. Now I was getting ready to leave. But just before I left, I thought it might be time for us to resolve our differences. I asked Wheat if he wanted to go to a restaurant on Monday; he said he would like to go.

At first I was going to tell him I would come here to his office and meet him; but then I decided it would be better if I met him at the restaurant. I wanted to be very precise about what time we would meet, because he was always late, and his lateness had been part of the problem we had had in our friendship. I wanted to set a definite time for us to meet at the restaurant.

He asked if I had a driver's license to be able to drive to the restaurant. I told him that I obviously had driver's license if I was going to drive to the restaurant and meet him there.


Wheat and I were sitting in a small restaurant with glass walls. I ordered a pitcher of a drink which appeared to be vegetable juice. It had small pieces of vegetables in it and was quite delicious.

A girl sitting at a nearby table had ordered chicken soup. The soup was brought to her in a large bowl about a foot in diameter. The restaurant had a policy of giving as many cups of chicken suit to the patrons as they wanted. But this girl was taking advantage of this privilege and had been eating one cup after the other of chicken soup. Finally the people in the restaurant had simply taken the whole bowl over to the girl. I thought the girl's behavior was rather shabby. But then I thought she was probably just a poor girl who didn't have anything to eat.

My waitress told me that if I had simply asked for a small cup of vegetable juice, instead of ordering the pitcher, then I could have had as much as I wanted without paying for it. I thought that was hard to believe; I didn't know how the restaurant could afford to have such a policy. The waitress said they had just begun doing it. I asked, "What about orange juice."

She replied, "Same thing."

I realized then that I could have had as much free orange juice as I would have wanted. But it didn't make that much difference to me; I just found it interesting that I could have as much as I wanted to drink without paying for it.

Wheat and I began trying to decide what we wanted to eat. From where we were, we could see into the kitchen. I could see a scrumptious-looking cake being prepared. It had different kinds of vertical layers. The cook was then using some kind of device to squirt vanilla ice cream between the layers. Every time some ice cream was added, Wheat would humorously moan, "Oh, oh." Obviously he loved the looks of the cake and I knew we would order some.

Some other things were also being added, and the top was being decorated. Finally one piece was going to be put on top. I thought a French phrase would describe this piece which was to be put on top. I thought the phrase was "piece de resistance," but I was uncertain that was it.

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