Dream of: 10 November 1995 "Interrogatories"

Standing in the kitchen of the house where I was living, I found a comic book lying on the kitchen counter. I immediately recognized the comic book as one from my collection: an early Spiderman, probably number 7. On the cover was a picture of Spiderman in his red outfit in front of a black background. I was quite upset to see the comic book on the kitchen counter since it didn't belong there and could easily be damaged.

Carolina had a sister (probably in her early 20s) who, along with Carolina's mother Paz, was also living in the house. I concluded one of them must have left my comic book lying on the counter. When they walked into the kitchen, I immediately confronted them about the comic book. I then walked out of the room to put the comic back with the rest of my collection – four or five stacks of comics with perhaps 100 comics in each stack. The collection (which included the entire collection of Spiderman comics) was quite valuable. But when I went to where the comics were supposed to be, to my chagrin I found that the entire collection was missing.

Hurrying back to the kitchen, I again confronted Paz and Carolina's sister. This time the sister admitted that she had taken all my comic books and moved them to different locations. I could hardly believe what I was hearing. When the sister pointed to one of the kitchen cabinets, I opened it and saw some of the comics on the top shelf. The sister then said she had put some of the comics over top of the refrigerator. I walked over to the large, old, white refrigerator and lifted up the side panels on the top of the refrigerator. There I saw a stack of comics on each side, both stacks thickly covered with dust. I blew on the dust, watched it scatter, and again thought about how the comics could be damaged by being handled like this. I started screaming about how the comics were going to be damaged.

I began trying to figure out why this was happening. I concluded that the sister was trying to protect herself by taking some of my property. I recalled that I had been having an affair with the sister while Carolina had been away. I wished the affair had never happened, and I thought I should call Carolina and admit that I had had sex with her sister. But then I remembered I hadn't actually had sex with the sister. Twice we had come close to having sex, and I tried to recall if I had actually touched the pubic region of the sister; but I couldn't remember for sure. But even though I knew the sister and I hadn't had sex, we had been involved with each other, and I thought the involvement had probably destroyed my relationship with Carolina.

In fact, Carolina and I were already involved in some kind of court proceeding against each other, and a hearing was going to take place latter that day. Carolina's grandmother, who happened to be standing here in the room with me, mentioned that I was supposed to have already answered some questions for the hearing – apparently some written interrogatories. Realizing I had never received the interrogatories, I turned to the sister and Paz and asked them about the interrogatories. But instead of the sister and Paz, I found myself facing a man and his wife. They were each probably in their early 30s. I now realized it was against these two people that I actually had the court action. However the man and his wife still seemed to have something to do with the sister and Paz.

I was riled. The man and woman admitted that they had known about the questions the previous day, but that they were just now giving them to me. They had no explanation for why they had waited. I became furious. I knew the answering of the questions was extremely important and that I now didn't have time to answer the questions properly. If I had known about the questions I wouldn't have wasted time on the comic books, which were far less important than this court case. I thought my only hope was to bring all this up to the judge. I was practically paralyzed with uncertainty of what to do next.

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