Dream of: 07 November 1995 "Secret Love"

I had become enamored of a young girl (probably only 16-17 years old). We had never met or spoken to each other, since she was usually with her family, and I had formed my affection just from seeing her.

Finally I was able to get close to her: she was at a public park with some of her friends. A little league baseball game was taking place, and she and her friends were sitting behind the fence right behind home plate. When I walked up, I overheard her talking to her friends about playing a marathon monopoly game which had lasted for a whole week.

She was sitting at a round table, and I sat on a bench right across from her. Other young girls were sitting all around the area, and I knew it looked out of place for me to be sitting there among them, but nobody said anything. The girl also said nothing, and in fact, she didn't even look at me. But to my surprise, I felt her place one of her feet on my right leg, under the table where no one could see it.

I looked her right in the face, trying to see some sign of what she thought about me. But she just looked away and she wouldn't acknowledge my presence in any way. However her foot resting on my leg said volumes. I wondered just how far she would go with this foot game. What if she placed her foot right between my legs and began rubbing me? What if she allowed me to do the same with her?

I unabashedly scrutinized her. She was clearly Hispanic. She had long black hair and dark eyes. I was mesmerized by how beautiful she was, and I couldn't see a single flaw. Although she was young, she was fully developed and had a splendid figure. She was wearing nice clothes and obviously came from a well-to-do family.

I knew her family wouldn't permit her to see me since she was so young. But obviously she was willing to get to know me. And the brazen way she had placed her foot on my leg told me that she would go further. Perhaps she would let me sneak into her room at night and I could make love to her there, leaving long before morning. I began imagining how difficult it would be to get in. If she left a window open, I should not have much problem, even if her room were on the second floor.

Suddenly someone said something about her mother coming, and the girl quickly pulled her foot off my leg, still never once deigning to look at me. She stood up and walked over to a matronly black-haired woman who was obviously her mother, and a young fellow (somewhat older than the girl) who was obviously the girl's brother. I caught the eye of the mother just for a second. I detected that the mother was slightly suspicious of me because I was sitting there, but the mother clearly didn't know that anything was going on. However I could instantly tell by looking at the mother and brother that they would never allow me to see the girl. I knew it would have to be done in secret.

As the three walked away, I became more aware of the other girls around me, and I realized just how out of place I was here. I was sitting too close to a girl on my right and pulled away, hoping she didn't think I was interested in her. I thought I would stay there a few more minutes and try to make my exit as unnoticed as possible.

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