Dream of: 06 November 1995 "Friendly Island"

I had walked back over the ridge of hills behind the Gallia County Farmhouse – back behind the old tobacco barn – and had sat down among the trees. The sun was shining and it looked as if the leaves were falling from the trees. Growing drowsy, I stretched out on the ground and soon fell asleep.

I awoke with a start, looked around me, and saw something running off through the trees. I had just glimpsed it, but thought it looked like a ground hog. I estimated I had only been sleeping about 15 minutes, and thought that must be about how long the animals waited when they stopped hearing noises before they came out again. If I hadn't made any movement when I had awakened, the groundhog probably wouldn't have seen me, and I would have been able to sit there and watch it. I thought I would have to come back here again and just sit quietly for 15 minutes to see if any animals came out.

But I didn't have to do that; still casting my eye around me, I noticed another large ground hog standing on the ground under the trees not far from me. It was standing perfectly still, as if it had heard something, but it couldn't place what it was. Suddenly a dog leapt upon the groundhog and grabbed it by the neck. Two or three other dogs appeared and began tearing at the groundhog. I thought I saw Picasso among them, but I couldn't be sure. I thought of stopping the dogs, for I felt sorry for the ground hog. But then I reflected that it was just natural for the dogs to catch groundhogs, and there wasn't much I could do about it. Groundhog was a dish the dogs especially relished, and I thought all the dogs would get a share in this groundhog. So it somewhat dismayed me when one large black and white dog grabbed the groundhog and ran off with it by himself. Obviously now the other dogs would get no part of it.

My attention was next drawn to another noise in the nearby trees. I looked up and was surprised to see a man and a woman walking through the trees. Both were dressed in white and they looked as if they were in their early 40s. I immediately stood up and addressed them. I didn't recognize them and thought they must be trespassing. I quickly asked them if they had permission to be there. The man spoke, not answering the questions, but saying that they had come onto the Farm by crossing over Symmes Creek (which slices through the Farm) by means of a small island which they said was called "Friendly Island." I thought this was clearly a falsehood. I said I knew every inch of this Farm and the creek as well, and there was no such island in the creek. I figured they had crossed the creek at the ford by the old swimming hole, and I was getting ready to tell them they must leave. But for some reason I just didn't feel like being particularly harsh with them. Instead of running them off the land, I told them that the next time they came, they should first go to the Farmhouse and ask permission to walk around on the Farm.

I wanted to say more to them, but now my attention was distracted by yet another group of people about 20 meters down the hill below me. There was a man, a woman, and two young girls who were probably ten or eleven years old. I quickly became concerned about the girls because they were walking near a particularly precipitous cliff. Although most places on the Farm were safe, there were some dangerous areas where one had to be careful – and this was one of them. I called to the girls and told them to be careful.

I then called to the man and woman and when they saw me, they began walking up the hill toward me. I knew I had been expecting some of my relatives to come to the Farm today for a visit, and I thought this must be them. I thought it had been a long time since I had seen these particular relatives, and I began to doubt whether I had ever even seen them at all. When they reached me, I knew they were indeed my relatives, and I thought the man's name was Edward, but I asked, "Have we ever actually met?"

They seemed as unsure as I. They were both also dressed in white, and looked as if they were in their early 30s. It was clear that the woman was pregnant, although she was just beginning to show. When they were right next to me, I moved my face toward the woman and we kissed each other right on the lips. I squeezed tight against her and could feel her breasts pressing against my chest. I was somewhat aroused, even though I thought to myself that the breasts must be starting to fill up with milk – not a particularly erotic thought. Nevertheless it felt good holding the woman close to me and I didn't pull away from her.

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