Dream of: 05 November 1995 "In Europe"

I was in a European country, probably Germany, although it also seemed to have a Russian air to it, and also seemed to have an Islamic nature. The country was at war, and I had heard a person citing the causes of the war as being due to the lenient way Germany had been handled after World War I. As I had been looking at a map of Germany and Austria, the person had pointed out that Austria should have been forced to give up much of its northern land, and Germany should have been forced to give up much of its eastern land after the first world war. But now all that was too late, and a new war had erupted.

I was on enemy territory and it was unclear how I had arrived, although it vaguely seemed that I had been involved in a plane crash. Some people had taken me in and had hidden me in their basement – a small, dark place with barely enough room to move about. I had been grateful for the refuge. I had already been there a long time, and knew the enemy soldiers were actively looking for me. I doubted that I would be able to escape capture much longer.

Thus it came as no surprise to me when I heard someone trying to get in a side door to the basement. I scurried to the top of the wooden stairs which led to the upstairs of the house, and I tired to crouch out of sight. But when a man wearing blue pants and a blue shirt finally forced the side door open, he looked up the stairs and saw me. I could immediately tell the man wasn't a soldier and that he had no business being there. But I also knew that wouldn't help me. Obviously the man would immediately denounce me to the authorities and I would be captured.

Deciding to wait no longer, as soon as the man left, I opened the door at the top of the stairs and walked into the old but well-kept home. I walked through a long hallway, calling out to the people in the house. Finally I walked into a room at the end of the hall and saw the person for whom I was searching: the woman I loved.

She was a tall, thin woman, apparently a daughter of the man and woman who lived in the house. She was probably in her late 30s. Since it was necessary that my presence in the basement be kept a secret, I hadn't seen her often during my sojourn there. Yet during the brief moments when I had seen her I had conceived a powerful love for her. However I had never told her anything of my feeling. Now I could wait no longer. I walked straight up to her, pulled her into my arms, and told her I loved her. I told her I wanted to marry her as soon as I divorced my present wife. I hadn't seen my present wife in a long time, and I knew we were married in name only.

I vaguely realized that other members of the woman's family were in the room and that they had heard my proposal, but that didn't bother me. However I knew it was asking a lot of the woman to marry me, because if I were put in jail, I likely wouldn't be released for a long time.

Just then I heard the soldiers coming into the house. Led by an officer they marched into the room where we were. It was immediately clear that I was under arrest. But before they seized me, I asked if I could get my eyeglasses which were lying on the table. The officer looked at the glasses and asked me if they had any kind of communication device in them. When he had determined that they didn't, he courteously allowed me to have them. Actually I had three different pair of glasses on the table. One of them was missing the side piece which goes over the ear. I picked up all three pair of glasses and stuck them in different pockets.

I then turned to go with the officers. But suddenly another idea struck me and I called out, "Argent!"

I had spoken French, thinking that was the language of the officers. What I wanted to say was that I would also be needing some money while I was in jail. I heard a murmur from the soldiers as if they agreed and thought that was a good idea.

I turned back to the woman, who already had some bills in her hand. Some of the other family members in the room were also pulling out money. I thought to myself that I normally wouldn't accept money from someone like this; but this was an exception and I felt I had no choice. Mainly I wanted the money so I would be able to buy postage stamps to send letters to the woman. I looked at the bills in her hand. They were all different colors. Two of the bills were for one thousand each. I knew that one thousand in those bills represented one hundred dollars. I didn't take the thousand notes, but took smaller ones instead. I thought there was a good chance the money would be stolen from me in jail, and I would stand a better chance of being able to keep it if I had smaller bills.

I swore to the woman that I would write and send her a letter every two weeks. I told her that if she didn't receive anything from me, it wasn't because I wasn't writing, but because my mail wasn't being delivered. To myself I thought that if my money was stolen I wouldn't have money for stamps, and she wouldn't receive my letters. Even if I sent the letters C.O.D. I didn't think they would reach her, because I doubted that C.O.D. letters could be sent outside the country, and I knew she would now be leaving the country.

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