Dream of: 03 November 1995 "Going To Europe"

I was in an upstairs bedroom of the Gallia County Farmhouse, packing my clothes for a trip to Europe. I planned to travel light with only one suitcase. I was stuffing quite a few tee shirts into it, mostly black ones with some kind of design on them. I already had my ticket, and the plane was supposed to take off from a field in back of the Farmhouse. But when I looked at my ticket and saw the plane was supposed to leave sometime shortly after 8 o'clock, my spirits sunk because it was already after 8 a.m. But then I saw the time was for 8 p.m., and I thought I still had time.

To my dismay, however, I realized the plane wasn't taking off from a field behind the Farmhouse, but would actually be leaving from St. Louis. It would be close, but I still had time to get there. I might have to take a bus to St. Louis. If no buses were leaving immediately, I might even have to hitchhike. I thought I could find out where the buses stopped along the way, and if I had a hard time hitchhiking, I might be able to still catch a bus at some other bus stop.


I was in the Waco Law Office – the office where I had worked as a law clerk for Vaughn in 1983. I was looking for Vaughn to say good-bye to him before I went to Europe. I walked through the office and back to the small rear office where I had first met Vaughn.

There he was, leaning back in his chair at his desk. I recalled how I hadn't often seen him in this small office because he had switched to a much larger office shortly after he had hired me to work as a clerk. He looked just as he had when I had first met him – a heavy set man in his early 40s. He didn't bother to get up to greet me, since it seemed it was an every-day affair for me to be walking into his office like this. I sat down and immediately told him I was going to Europe for the summer. He said that was too bad: apparently he would have liked for me to have worked for him.

I told Vaughn that I had been working in Dallas, and that I liked Dallas better than Waco. But I also told him I had liked working for him better than doing the work I was currently doing.

Vaughn said he had been trying to find someone else to work for him. One fellow had wanted to work, but the fellow had wanted $10,000 in advance, and Vaughn was unwilling to pay that much.

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