Dream of: 29 October 1995 (2) "Barbarians"

I was the leader of a large group of perhaps a thousand men who were dressed up in skins and furs like barbarians. At first it seemed as if I were reading about what I was seeing in a comic book, but finally I realized it was actually taking place.

We were standing on a large, grassy plane, on the other side of which was a similar group of barbarians. We were there to do battle with the other group. However neither group had weapons, and we weren't engaged in an actual battle. The battle would only be for fun, and no one was to be seriously injured.

The object of the game was for both sides to run against each other and knock each other down. Once a person was knocked down, he was out of the game. The battle would continue until only men on one side were left standing. I stood in front of my men and gave them instructions concerning knocking the other men down. I told them they weren't allowed to use their fists to hit anyone, nor could they use their elbows. The idea was just to run into them and knock them over. I did tell my men that they could clip somebody's legs from behind and knock them down that way.

I also began thinking of what kind of tactic I should use when my side ran toward the other side. I thought I might have the men form into two circles with one man in the center who would give directions. The circles would then race toward the opposite line of men. But that didn't seem workable. Finally I decided I would have the men form into two wedges, like the head of an arrow, and race toward the other line. I could visualize the arrows piercing into the opposite side, and decided that was the tactic I would use.

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