Dream of: 27 October 1995 "Trip To The Moon"

A commercial organization was offering trips to the moon. I had decided to go and had already paid for the ticket. I was in a hurry because the trip was supposed to begin on the half hour and it was already twenty after the hour. I also knew I had to undergo some preparation before I left. For example I had to drink some liquid which was supposed to mix with my blood to make it heavier. I then had to wrap something which looked like Saran Wrap all around my naked body. Finally I would have to have someone stick some kind of liquid into my rectum.

The trip was supposed to begin from a tall office building which I could see not far from me. I myself was standing on the ground floor of a different office building, and thought I needed to take an elevator to an upper story, and then cross over in an elevated crosswalk to the other office building.

I walked up to the elevator and when it opened I stepped on. The elevator was crowded with people and I wondered if they could tell how excited I was. I knew that only a few people were ever able to go to the moon. I wondered what my father would think if he knew that I was one of the fortunate few who would be going to the moon.

I soon learned that one other fellow on the elevator was also going on the trip to the moon, and we struck up a conversation. I asked him if he thought we would be getting any space suits to wear. I thought I would need something over my head so that I would be able to breathe. But the more I thought about it the more I realized I didn't know much about what I needed, or what to expect.

Geraldo Rivera was also on the elevator and he began asking me some questions about my upcoming trip. He was quite friendly, much more so than I would have expected. I talked to him about my upcoming trip. At first I had thought I would be able to take an elevator to the moon. But then I told Rivera I thought a long rope would be lowered and that I would have to climb up it. That somewhat concerned me because I was uncertain I would have the strength for such a climb.

Finally Geraldo and I lay down on our backs. Even though we were still in the elevator, I could see the moon up above us. It had colored lights all around its perimeter and looked like a giant Ferris wheel. I wondered what the earth would look like from up there. I was a little scared when I thought about going. I was also concerned that I would be late getting to where the trip started and that I might not be able to make the trip.

Suddenly the elevator jolted and I immediately knew that we had been in a wreck. I was thrown out of the elevator. But oddly enough, I was thrown onto the hood of a car, as if I had been thrown from a car in a traffic accident. I rolled and jumped over the hoods and tops of several wrecked cars. It looked as if I were on a freeway and there had been a massive pileup. I hated to just take off and leave the other fellow on the elevator who was going to the moon, but I was in a hurry, and I had no time to waste. I thought if I simply kept jumping over the wrecked cars, I would get to where I needed to go.

After passing over about ten cars, I suddenly pulled up. There in front of me amidst the wreckage was a woman in a wheel chair. I recognized her as someone who helped take care of my brother Chris, who had muscular dystrophy. One or two other people were with the woman in the wheel chair, but Chris wasn't there. I stopped for a moment to help them pull themselves together. All seemed disabled in some way, and I realized they might not be able to give Chris the care he really needed. Besides that, I knew I hadn't seen Chris in a long time, and thought I would like to see him. I thought I really needed to check up on him to see how he was doing. But I was in such a hurry to get to the moon, I didn't think I could take the time right then to stop and go see about Chris.

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