Dream of: 25 October 1995 "Baby In Church"

My wife Carolina was pregnant. As she stood next to me, she told me it was time for the baby to come and that her water was about to break. I basically remained calm, but rapidly began preparing to take her to the hospital.

I next found myself sitting next to Carolina on my left in a pew of a church crowded with people, I slowly realized that Carolina had already had her baby and that she was holding the baby in her arms. The baby was only about 10 centimeters long. When Carolina pulled back the covers so I could look at the baby, I saw that it was an absolutely beautiful girl. I knew most babies were quite ugly when first born, but this one was perfect. She already had a full growth of dark black hair on her head. She had brown skin, which I thought was a result of mixing Carolina's dark skin with my light skin. Most beautiful, however, were the baby's eyes. I couldn't remember having ever seen more expressive eyes.

Carolina handed the baby to me and I took it in my arms. I thought how I had been concerned about having a baby girl lest I should ever become sexually attracted to it, but now, as I held the baby, I realized there was no chance of that ever happening. All I wanted to do was protect the baby and not ever let anyone hurt it. There was no danger that I would in any way touch it inappropriately myself.

I ended up at a house owned by my father. A party was in progress to celebrate the birth of the new baby and the house was filled with people. The house wasn't my father's home, but a house which my father had recently bought as an investment. At first I didn't care for the house, but after walking through it, I realized it was rather charming. It was multi-leveled and had between two and three thousand square feet. Light brown woodwork predominated on the walls.

My father said he had only paid $18,000 for the house. I thought that was quite a bargain. I told him I would buy it from him and pay him that much for it. In fact to myself I was thinking I would even pay $20,000, but my father didn't seem interested in selling. I recalled that my ex-brother-in-law James owned a large brick house in Portsmouth, Ohio and that he had recently told me he would like to sell the house for $30,000. I thought that $30,000 was a good price for the house and that I ought to consider it. But then I recalled that James had told me about the house when I had been on a visit to Portsmouth. I was now living in Texas, and I certainly wasn't going to be able to buy a house in Portsmouth.

The party finally ended and people began leaving. Carolina took the baby and walked out to the car to wait for me. My father and I were the last ones to leave. Many of the lights had been left on in the house – I walked back through, turning them off. I had trouble finding some of the switches.

When my father and I finally walked outside, he asked me if I would like to go somewhere with him to drink some coffee or something more powerful. It was already late, but I knew my father liked to go out after midnight and have a late night drink. Normally I refused to go with him, but I thought that this was a special occasion and that I would go out tonight to celebrate the baby's birth.

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