Dream of: 24 October 1995 (2) "Over The Zoo"

I was standing at one end of a gymnasium in which a large number of people had gathered. A stage had been set up at the end of the gym, and the floor of the gym was filled with people sitting in chairs and looking toward the stage. The gym seemed a bit like the one at Portsmouth High School, and I had the feeling that some of the people gathered there had gone to high school with me.

As I looked around, I saw my old friend Steve Weinstein . When Weinstein saw me he smiled, walked up to me and put his left arm around my right shoulder. I reciprocated and put my right arm around his left shoulder. He was gushing friendly and seemed happy to see me. He looked young (in his 20s). I also noticed that he somewhat resembled Brian (with whom I first came in contact in 1981 when we attended law school together) and also somewhat resembled Paul Pfeiffer (the character played by Josh Saviano on the television series "The Wonder Years").

Weinstein told me he had a friend named Tim who had stored some information on my computer and that he (Weinstein) needed to retrieve the info. Since I had been using my computer to help with this event we were attending, I had my computer there with me, up near the stage. It appeared that Weinstein wanted to go ahead and get the info off the computer right then. Weinstein said that seven hundred pages of Tim's info was on the computer. Weinstein pointed out that Tim was also standing right next to us and listening to what Weinstein said, so Tim obviously didn't mind if Weinstein had access to the info. Looking at Tim, I noticed that Tim also resembled Josh Saviano.

As Weinstein and I walked toward my computer, we encountered Barbara Kirsch. I recalled that I had known Kirsch in about the ninth grade of junior high school, but that I hadn't seen her since then. In fact I had never known her well and had hardly ever even spoken to her. Yet I immediately recognized her. She was probably in her mid 20s and was quite attractive. She had curly blonde hair and was well-figured. When she looked at me, I could tell that she didn't remember who I was. I thought of striking a pose and acting as if I were passing a football to jar her memory. But then again I recalled that I hadn't played much football when I had known her, and acting as if I had played football wouldn't help her remember me. Finally however she did remember who I was and she acted quite cordial.

Weinstein and Kirsch then told me about something I had never known. They said they used to have a little song which they would sing about me. They said that when I had used to go to Mexico, while I was gone, they would sing a song titled "La Puebla Mia." The song apparently was in Spanish and described a Mexican village such as I might be visiting in Mexico. Apparently at that time I had been well known for my trips to Mexico, but that had been so long ago, I had almost forgotten about it.

I told Kirsch that now I was married and that my wife Carolina was 20 years younger than I. I thought of saying that it was sometimes hard to keep up with Carolina, but I thought Kirsch might think I meant it was hard for me to keep up sexually. I knew that wasn't true because I was able to do quite well sexually. So I didn't say anything about Carolina other than that she was so much younger than I.

I took my leave of Kirsch and walked up some stairs to get to my computer, which was sitting near the stage. I had difficulty climbing the steps, my legs felt so heavy, especially on the last step, where I actually had to pick up my leg with my hand. I wondered if people would think I was getting old and weak, but no one seemed to notice.

Once on the stage, I realized I had left a pair of my glasses on a table by the podium. I walked over to the table and picked up the glasses. Obviously I had a special position there since I was able to walk around on the stage like that. I looked out over the gym and saw that it was completely filled with people sitting in chairs, and that the bleachers were also filled with people.

As I walked back off the stage, I heard a deep male voice singing a song. The voice sounded a bit like Frank Sinatra's and was quite pleasant. I clearly heard the words in the song, "Everybody needs my love to keep them."

As I continued off the stage, it occurred to me that everything that had just happened and was happening to me resembled story. It flashed in my mind that I could name the story "Over the Zoo."

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