Dream of: 23 October 1995 "Twilight Zone"

I was standing on the front porch of the House in Patriot. As I stood on the porch I saw Picasso running around in the front yard with some other dogs. More and more dogs began showing up until about ten were running around a large old stump in the front yard.

When all the dogs disappeared behind the stump and didn't come back out, I walked around behind it to make sure they weren't fighting. I was surprised to see two of the dogs were a bright scarlet color which appeared to be the result of having been dyed. A small bulldog was playing with Picasso, but none of the dogs were fighting, so I let them alone.

As I stood there, two women walked up, and one (about 40 years old) sat down next to the dogs. She was dressed in a white shirt and white pants. She had curly brown hair and was tall and thin. When I saw her sitting next to the dogs, I thought of petting her and acting as if she were also a dog. But I refrained, thinking that would be much too forward and impertinent.

The second woman was younger and more attractive, had a better developed figure, and was dressed in more colorful attire. When the first woman stood up, I began talking with them. They introduced themselves, telling me their names. But I pointedly didn't give them my name; I was uncertain yet I wanted them to know who I was. I was surprised to hear they lived in Patriot. They looked as if they might be interesting, and I had never met anyone of much interest in Patriot. Although I was still uncertain about them, I thought perhaps if I got to know them, I would have someone to talk to when I visited Patriot.

They seemed as surprised to see me as I was to see them, and one asked me if I had come from the "twilight zone," and who had sent me. I thought that was a rather witty thing to say, and I tried to think of a quick, clever answer. But I knew I had never been skilled at repartee. I muttered, "Rod Steiger," thinking that was the name of the host of the series "The Twilight Zone," but thinking to myself that my response was rather lame.

Nevertheless the women seemed satisfied with my answer, and the one in white told me she lived next door in the two-story frame house were Madelyn Saunders used to live. I knew that Madelyn no longer lived in the house, that she had moved into a trailer behind the house. I was pleasantly surprised to learn this woman had moved into the house. I wondered what the house looked like inside. I thought to myself I had probably not been in the house in more than 20 years. Madelyn had always been a rather disorderly person and she hadn't invited many people inside. I was curious as to what the house now looked like and thought of inviting myself over. But again I refrained, still unsure I wanted to become that friendly with these two.

I asked the woman in white what she did, and she told me she had worked in a factory with Madelyn. But now she was laid off and was receiving benefits for 24 months. She even had the number "24" written down on a piece of paper which she showed me. I wondered how many of the 24 months she had already used up.

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