Dream of: 17 October 1995 "Supreme Being"

I was talking with my mother on the phone, telling her I was planning to drive from Texas to Portsmouth the next day. I had planned to have already left that day, but it was late, and I had decided to postpone the trip until the following morning. I told my mother I would stop one night in Louisville and visit my sister and my brother-in-law, who were living there. Louisville was about two thirds of the way to Portsmouth, and was a good place to stop. I had stopped in Louisville before and I had come to like the city.


I was in a large building. At first I thought that I was in the attic of my sister's and my brother-in-law's house, and that I would spend the night in the attic, but as I walked around, I realized the building was actually a large warehouse, and I concluded it must be a warehouse which my brother-in-law owned in Louisville. Finally, however, I realized that the warehouse was owned by my father and that my brother-in-law had simply stored some things in the warehouse. I still thought my brother-in-law was in the warehouse and I continued to look for him. I thought my brother-in-law was an artist – a painter – (even though I had never seen any of his work) and I thought some of his paintings might be stored in the warehouse. I did see one painting, but I was unsure it had been done by my brother-in-law.

I never did see my brother-in-law, but finally my father turned up. I had noticed part of the warehouse was filled with about 100 long metal pipes which looked like small metal smokestacks. They were all stacked vertically and arranged neatly on the ground. Apparently they belonged to my brother-in-law, and my father was letting my brother-in-law store them in the warehouse.

Over in another section of the warehouse were more of the smokestacks. Upon closer investigation, however, I discovered these smokestacks were actually attached to some old antique tractors and farm vehicles which my father had collected. All the vehicles looked to be in excellent condition and made quite an impressive collection.

My father continued to show me around the warehouse. He showed me a concrete slab on the ground, and pointed out a large hole in the concrete such as some auto repair shops have for cars to pull over. My father pointed to a large instrument panel set up next to the hole which apparently would be used to diagnose cars. It looked as if my father were building a place in the warehouse to work on cars. Obviously he had quite a bit of money invested in the place.

We walked over to another wall where a large poster about five meters high was hanging. The poster showed a picture of a dark night sky filled with stars. Along the right side of the poster was a picture of a long leg and foot. When I saw the poster, I recalled a collage I had once made. At the top of the collage I had pasted the picture of a foot kicking over a jar. Under the jar had been a variety of other pictures which had looked as if they were falling out of the jar. When I had created the collage, I had thought of the foot as representing a supreme being creating the universe. I now had the feeling the leg and foot on this poster in front of me represented the same thing.

I heard someone talking to my father, although I couldn't see anyone. It was a man's voice which asked my father if my father would be willing to tear the leg and foot off the poster and sell it for two dollars. My father asked if the person would pay three dollars. When the person said yes, my father asked if the person would pay five dollars. The voice responded, "Absolutely not."

So my father agreed to sell the leg and foot off the poster for three dollars. He asked me to help him tear the picture of the leg and foot off the poster, and I did. Once we had torn off the leg and foot, I saw how the stars on the poster now seemed to be missing something – the torn side of the poster made the poster look ruined. The poster no longer had any meaning. I thought to myself that my father would sell anything. It was a sad commentary, especially since he didn't even need the money.

By myself I walked out of the warehouse and I seemed to come out in a vacant lot caddy-cornered to the Gay Street House. As soon as I was in the grassy lot, I saw a man who began talking about a bear which he had just seen in the lot. Just then an animal walked up on all fours right to the man. But the animal was very peculiar, because it looked like a naked man covered with hair. Actually it looked something like a Neanderthal man. I looked at it closely, amazed that it was covered with hair. When I heard it say something to the man, I knew it must be a human because it could talk. It looked as if it had been running wild and hadn't bathed in a long time. As it walked away I looked at its behind and I wondered (since it obviously didn't use toilet paper) if any feces might still be on the hair in back. As it walked away, I told the man that the animal was clearly not a bear. I said, "The fact that he was talking was a dead giveaway."

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