Dream of: 16 October 1995 (3) "Copper Wedding Ring"

I was riding on a small platform which was attached to the back of a tractor which my step-grandfather Clarence was driving. We were at the base of some mountains which loomed to our left, and which made me think of the Andes. Not far from us, walking along the side of the mountain, were several women dressed in peasant attire like South American Indians. My sister and Carolina were walking among them; I thought they must be jealous that I was riding on a tractor while they were walking. When Clarence turned the tractor around and headed up the hill, I thought he intended to pick up the women.

I glanced at one of my hands and noticed I was wearing a ring formed from different shades of copper. I seemed to have bought the ring as a wedding ring to show I was married to Carolina. As Clarence continued up the hill, he turned the tractor around and started going backwards. Suddenly I realized he was backing into a white wall. The bottom part of the wall was missing, so that the platform went under the wall, while the top of the wall was threatening to mash the upper part of my body. Apparently Clarence had forgotten that I was on the back of the tractor, and he seemed unable to hear me as I screamed, "Stop! Stop! No! No!"

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