Dream of: 16 October 1995 (2) "High Water"

I was riding in the front passenger seat of a car being driven by Walls. My mother was sitting between us. We were on the road between Cincinnati and Portsmouth and were headed in the direction of Portsmouth.

My mother pointed out that some dust was on the front windshield and asked me to wipe it off. I did so, but she was unsatisfied. I pointed out that the dirt was on the outside of the windshield and that I couldn't get to it. I talked to her somewhat belligerently; but at the same time, I felt myself attracted to her, noticing just how pretty she looked. She had dark brown hair and looked as if she were only her early 30s.

Some people were also sitting in the back and one opened a beer. Someone handed me a beer, which I quickly downed. I followed it with a second beer and almost immediately I felt intoxicated. Only after I had drunk both beers did I realize that I no longer drank alcohol. I had drunk them without even thinking. Now I thought I would also like to smoke some marijuana. I knew I had also stopped smoking marijuana, but since I had drunk the beer, I thought I might as well go ahead and smoke something also.

Suddenly I looked up and saw that the road ahead of us was covered with high water. I told Walls to slow down and not go through it; but he paid no attention to me and plowed into the water. The car quickly died and we were stuck in the water. I angrily climbed from the car and Walls also got out. We stood in front of the car and began pushing it back: but the front wheels had come over a ledge about a half meter high, and we couldn't lift the car back up onto the top of the ledge. Meanwhile a pickup truck had pulled up and was waiting for us. It was also apparently going to try to go through the water. It looked as if the truck was high enough to make it.

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