Dream of: 15 October 1995 (2) "Divorce Dreams"

I was in my house with several other people, when my old girlfriend Carolyn (now my wife) came to visit me. She said she had driven all the way to the house simply to tell me she couldn't stay. Her words made me angry, and I told her to go ahead and leave. When she headed toward her car, however, I motioned for her to stop, and I went to her. I led her back inside the house so she could tell everyone else in the house why she had come. She did so, then immediately turned and left.

As soon as Carolyn had left, I began talking with someone in the house about her. I knew I had had several dreams about getting a divorce from her, and I knew the dreams had to mean something. What upset me most about the idea of getting a divorce was I knew I would have to divide up all my property with Carolyn. I would have to take an inventory of everything I had, including all the possessions which I had already moved to the Gallia County Farm. I would even have to sell the Summerdale Drive House, and then I would have to give half of everything to Carolyn. I felt completely stupid for having married her. Someone in the room asked me why I had married Carolyn and I replied, "She had big tits."

I couldn't believe I had married her simply because she had large breasts, but that seemed indeed to be the case. I explained to the person that Carolyn's breasts had become even larger after I had married her. In fact, they were now too large, and they no longer appealed to me.


I was in a room where Carolina was sitting in the corner of a couch, reading a book. I now knew that it was actually Carolina who was my wife, and that it was she whom I had been having dreams of divorcing. I began talking to her about the dreams, but as soon as I mentioned the word "divorce," I could see she was going to cry. I didn't really want to divorce her and I didn't want to hurt her, but something was causing me to dream about divorce, and I didn't know what it was.

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