Dream of: 15 October 1995 "Muddy Water"

My mother, my grandmother Mabel, and I were riding in a car which my father was driving through the country. As we continued along, I noticed we were approaching a body of muddy water. Although a newly built white-graveled road ran along the water, my father continued on the old road which we were traveling, which led right into the water. Fearing we might get stuck in the water, or worse yet, start sinking, I pulled out a hunting knife, one of several knives I had with me. I thought if the car sank and I were unable to push out a window, I might be able to cut a hole in the roof so we could escape. But the car didn't sink, and my father was able to drive on through the water.


My father and I were standing in a room on the second floor of a house where I had set up living quarters. I was showing my father a large natural-gas heater which I had hooked up, telling him that my heater was as good as the one downstairs.


I was on the first floor of the house, and walked out onto the back porch, from where I could see a car full of people pulling off and leaving. Another fellow was also standing on the back porch, and I asked him who had been in the car. It looked to me as if all the people in the car had been quite poor.

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