Dream of: 12 October 1995 "Jet Crash"

I was visiting a fellow who had been sentenced to life in prison for causing two United States jet fighters to crash. This was the last opportunity I would have to talk with him before he was sent to prison. I was uncertain whether he himself had been flying, or had been on the ground when he had downed the two jets. As we talked, I was thinking that his only chance of ever getting out of prison was if a nuclear war broke out. When I asked him if he had any hope of ever getting out of prison, he immediately said there was a chance of a nuclear war.

He began talking freely about why he had been convicted. He also mentioned that once before he had gone north to Canada and brought back some drugs into the United States. A police woman standing nearby could hear him talking, but it made no difference now since he had already been sentenced. When we had finished talking, and he was led away, I began thinking of him differently. At first I had thought he had committed a terrible act, but now I realized that destroying war planes was a noble act. I even began imagining what it would be like to destroy a plane. I imagined a group of eight fighter planes sitting next to each other on the ground and I wondered how they could be destroyed.

When I left the place where I had been visiting the fellow, I found myself walking with some other people through a desert area. Up ahead of me I could see eight jet fighters lined up on the ground. I thought fighters were usually arranged in groups like this. Suddenly, to my amazement, a jet passenger plane fell from the sky right onto the eight jet fighters. I wished I had had a camera to take a picture of what I had just seen. Everyone walking with me began running and falling down. Shots and explosions rang out. The place was obviously also an ammunition dump. I decided I had better start running also. 

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