Dream of: 06 October 1995 (2) "Baby Crib"

Carolina and I had rented a small apartment in London and moved in. The apartment was in a white frame building five or six stories tall, a building where I recalled having once stayed many years ago. I also remembered that most of the rooms in the building were dilapidated and that when I had previously stayed here, many people had been crowded into one room. I myself had had to sleep right next to a rather slovenly woman on the same mattress.

However, the apartment which Carolina and I now occupied was clean and neat, and seemed removed from the run-down section of the building. As we lay together on the bed, I thought the apartment would be quite adequate for the time we planned to be here.

Lying here, I noticed a short, squat woman dressed in peasant garb enter the room and use a small stove to cook a hamburger. At the time I had rented the room, I had been told about the stove's being in the room and that occasionally people would enter the room to use it. I hadn't thought the intrusions would be a problem; but now I was disturbed to see that in addition to the woman, several other people were lining up to use the stove.

Besides the inconvenience of the stove, I now perceived another problem: on one side of the room was a row of concrete bathroom stalls; several people were entering and exiting the room to go into the stalls. My irritation, however, was temporarily distracted when I noticed an extremely attractive woman (probably in her early 20s) standing in one of the stalls with the door open. Her long black hair graced a particularly alluring body. She was standing facing me, and was only wearing a skimpy white bra and panties.

In the process of putting on a thin, white, button-up shirt, when she saw me looking at her, she stopped. I was particularly interested in her pubic region, for I could clearly see the bushy, black pubic hair sticking out of all sides of her panties. Seeing my interest, she moved a step toward me and pulled her panties down a bit, revealing just how luxuriant her bush was. From her motions, I could tell she was inviting me to touch her. I was rather incommoded by Carolina's presence right next to me; but thinking Carolina probably wouldn't mind if I simply touched the woman, I reached out my hand and stuck my fingers into the waiting hair. However, I quickly had the impression that Carolina didn't appreciate my action; I wouldn't be able to continue further.


Later, Carolina and I were still lying in the bed, which now seemed to be in a large room with dozens of other beds; people were thronging about. Our financial condition was precarious: we had spent all our savings and had even used up about $5,000 on one of our credit cards. Now we were actually having to use other credit cards to pay for the one credit card. We couldn't last much longer. It seemed as if I only had one alternative: I was going to have to get a job.

At least I was glad we were in London. I would have preferred to have worked in another European city, but London would be satisfactory. I wouldn't have any trouble with the language and that would be a plus. I would look for work in a law office; I should not have too much difficulty.

As I was thinking, I looked across the room, and to my chagrin, saw Louise walking toward us. She was dressed in a comely brown dress and looked in excellent shape. She appeared to be in her early 30s. What was she doing here? I certainly didn't want her to see me here in these squalid surroundings. I quickly told Carolina that Louise was walking toward us, and we both covered our heads in an attempt to hide.

But clearly Louise knew we were here and she headed straight toward our bed. When she stopped right beside me and looked straight at me, seeing that I couldn't avoid her, I looked up at her. My bed was surrounded by vertical bars, such as a baby crib. I looked through the bars at her and blabbered out that I was having a difficult time at the present, but that I was hoping for improvement. Louise just looked at me with a rather surprised, yet not disdainful look. Maybe she was here to try to help me; but I slowly realized she just happened to be passing through; she didn't intend to lend any assistance. I just wished she would hurry up and move on.

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