Dream of: 05 October 1995 "New Pants"

I had gone to Martings Department Store in Portsmouth to buy a pair of pants which I needed that evening. I found a pair of gray dress pants which I liked and I took them to the dressing room. The dressing room, however, was rather disconcerting. The room had two stalls which looked like bathroom stalls and even had commodes inside them. It appeared that each stall could accommodate two people, and it looked as if both stalls were presently in use. However, even though clothes were hanging in one stall, no one was in the stall and I decided to use it.

I stepped into the stall and quickly took off all my clothes so that I was completely naked. Once I had pulled on the new pants, I realized I had taken off my shirt outside in the store and had left it there. I could see myself in a mirror and wondered if I should just go back out with my chest bare. I had a good physique, although I was a bit pudgy about the stomach. I rather wanted to just march out there with my bare breast; but I hesitated to do so.

Finally I went out and a man who worked at the store stepped up to help me. The pants were 38 inches long and 38 inches at the waist. The waist size seemed to fit, but the length was too long unless I pulled the pants up a couple inches higher at the waist.

The man suggested that I could have the pants altered at the bottom and that I should still be able to pick them up that day. When he walked away, I saw a buzzer to contact the clerks. I pressed the button and a woman came out to help me. She looked at the pants and suggested that they be raised two inches. I thought two inches might be too much, and I told her I would just like them raised an inch. But when she knelt down and measured off the amount to be raised, it looked as if she were going to raise the pants five inches.

I stood back and rethought the whole matter. Finally I told the woman I needed to think about it some more before I decided to buy the pants. I could tell she was perturbed. And I didn't like doing that, but now I simply was unsure I wanted to buy the pants.

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