Dream of: 04 October 1995 (3) "Courtroom Practice"

I was sitting in the rear right corner (from my perspective) of a large classroom where my old law school professor, Dawson, was standing in front of the class giving a lecture on law. Dawson looked healthy, even though he appeared to be in his 60s. When the class ended, Dawson walked back down the aisle to my left and stopped right next to me. I thought he was going to say something to me, but he turned and addressed a fellow a few rows ahead of me, a fellow whose name was also Steve.

Apparently this fellow had been hired to work in some capacity in a courtroom (I wasn't clear exactly what capacity that was). The job was low level and seemed to have something to do with taking care of the jury. Dawson congratulated the fellow for having obtained the job, and he seemed to imply that it would be a good idea for the other students in the class to find such employment.

Although we were inside a room, the floor was made of dirt. In my right hand I held a long stick which I was poking down into the dirt. Each time I poked the stick, two mounds of dirt (between Dawson and the fellow to whom he was speaking) would rise a little higher. I thought Dawson was going to say something to me to tell me to stop making the mounds rise; but he didn't say anything to me, and finally he simply turned and walked out of the room.

As the other students also began filling out of the room, I listened to a conversation taking place between two of the male students. One of the students was saying the other student often used the word "chick" in a rather derogatory way when referring to women. The first fellow questioned the second fellow almost as if he were cross-examining a witness at a trial. The second fellow defended himself quite well, and I thought it was good practice for them to be challenging each other that way.

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