Dream of: 04 October 1995 (2) "Ebullient"

I took my pet Dalmatian Picasso to a pet shop right behind the house where I was living. In fact, I discovered it was the same pet shop where I had originally bought Picasso. While I was there, I decided to trade Picasso in for a brown cocker spaniel puppy. When I returned to my home, I carried the cocker spaniel in my arms into the house and showed it to my mother, who was there at the moment. Since she had told me she would like to have a cocker spaniel, I thought she would be happy to see it; but she didn't seem to care one way or the other.

I walked into my bedroom and lay down on the bed with the cocker spaniel. Lying here, I noticed that a couple other puppies had somehow entered my bedroom and climbed up on the bed with me. One was a Dalmatian, although it wasn't as pretty as Picasso had been. Some of its black spots were two large, including one extra large black patch over its right eye.

The other puppy looked like a mutt; it had rather long white and brown hair, and although somewhat cute, it wasn't the type of dog that I would like to have. I also noticed that beside the bed were two large Dalmatians poking their heads over the sides and looking at me. I thought they were probably Picasso's parents, and that somehow they had come over to my place from the pet shop. Both were pretty, but one of them had particularly good markings. I tried to get a good look at them since I hadn't seen them clearly when I had originally bought Picasso.

As I looked at the languid cocker spaniel stretched out on the bed, I began to regret having traded Picasso for the cocker spaniel. Picasso had been so playful and full of life, whereas this cocker spaniel just wanted to lie down and do nothing. I wondered if it were too late to get Picasso back. I missed him and now knew I had made a bad mistake.

I got up, picked up the cocker spaniel and headed back to the pet shop. As I hurried across the alley behind the house, I saw several more puppies running around. It didn't look as if the pet store owners were doing a very good job of taking care of their animals. I stepped into the store and quickly walked over to the owner, a pudgy woman (probably in her early 40s) and told her I would like to trade the cocker spaniel back for Picasso, that I had understood that I would have a day's time in which I could still trade the dog back. All the while I felt a sick feeling that I was going to be too late. I wasn't really sure that I had a day within which to trade back, and was just making it up. I was afraid Picasso had already been sold to someone else.

I told the woman that the cocker spaniel was simply not "ebullient" enough. She looked as if she hadn't understood what I had said and I realized I might have used a word which she hadn't understood. But she got the message and told me I could have Picasso back. Suddenly I saw Picasso and picked him up. I was amazed he was still here. I held him in my arms and began petting him. I was so happy to see him. I headed toward the door, thinking I would not make the same mistake again.

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