Dream of: 03 October 1995 "Wild Bill Hickock"

I was looking at myself in a mirror, surprised by how good I looked. I had recently thought my looks were deteriorating, but now I saw that I was quite handsome. I had long hair, and my eyes were especially expressive. I had never noticed how expressive my eyes were. I did perceive one defect, however: my upper teeth stuck out too far and my lower teeth were crooked. Maybe I could get braces for the upper teeth to have them pulled in some. Perhaps I could even go to the same orthodontist who had put braces on my wife Carolina's teeth. I wouldn't do anything about the bottom teeth because an orthodontist had already told me that to have the bottom teeth straightened, I would have to have two teeth pulled; I was unwilling to do that.

Continuing to admire my own good looks, I wondered why if I looked so good, I didn't like being around other people. Plus, since I obviously would have no trouble meeting women, why did I not socialize more?

I decided right then I was going to go and see if I could meet some new people. The best place for me to go to meet somebody would be a library; and the best library for me to meet someone would be at the Baylor Law School. I headed there.

Once I reached the library, although I still felt confident, I no longer felt like talking with anyone. Instead I remembered I was going to be taking a law course soon, and I decided to buy the books which I would need for the course.

Wasting no time, I soon was opening up a large cardboard box supposed to contain the books which I needed for the law course. I immediately saw about 20 maroon books which I thought were copies of the United States Code Annotated. I realized I might have made a mistake by buying all these books, because I already had copies of the United States Code Annotated. It looked as if I should take the books back and get a refund. Then I saw a couple other smaller folders with material in them; perhaps I should make copies of those first, and then take all the books back.

Something about the maroon books made me pick up one and look at it closer. To my surprise, the books weren't copies of the U.S. Code at all. In fact, leafing through the books, I saw that all the books were written in French. The book I had in my hand was a French translation of either the Iliad or the Odyssey by Homer. Suddenly it all became clear to me: the class I was going to be taking wasn't law at all; it was a class of French literature.

I was ecstatic. It was almost as if the box of books were a mysterious present. Almost miraculously the dull law class had been transformed into something exciting. The work by Homer which I was holding in my hands was just an example of what I would be experiencing; I could already envision the Greeks and Trojans in their armor.

My old law professor McSwain would be teaching the class. Now McSwain would see just how well I could perform in a class which I enjoyed, such as French, as opposed to something like law. I already knew much French, but McSwain would see how much my French would improve by the end of the course. To improve my French, I would also start talking French as much as possible.

Two friends who both looked Hispanic showed up. Since they both spoke good French, I spoke to them in French and began explaining how I had finally realized I always needed to be speaking in French. I added that I was too timid to force myself upon people to speak French. I said, "Je suis tres timide."

They mentioned that it was my birthday and they wanted to buy me a cake. As we walked down some stairs to leave the library, I continued talking in French. At one point, I used the Spanish words "otro dia." I realized immediately I had mixed Spanish in with French, but I couldn't think of the French equivalent for "otro dia." Since my two friends understood Spanish and had understood what I had said, I just let it pass, and I continued my conversation in French.

Once out of the library, we walked down the street until we reached a delicatessen where my two friends were going to buy my cake. Upon entering we saw many people sitting at the dozen or so tables in the deli. I thought we might sit down; but all the tables were either taken or had dirty plates on them.

I continued talking in French; but I began to feel constrained with so many people sitting here. I thought they would think I was just showing off. I did notice several women looking at me as if they were interested in me. They all looked as if they were Hispanic, and in fact it even seemed as if we were in an Hispanic country. I recalled how I had always been more successful with women in Latin American countries.

The three of us walked up to a glass display case which had several cakes behind it. All the cakes were in the form of different books and could actually be read like books. I wanted a French cake/book, but they didn't have any in French. Since they did have some in Spanish, I told my friends to just buy me one in Spanish.

They picked one with a colorful dust jacket which said Wild Bill Hickock. Apparently it was a biography. It wasn't the one I would have picked, but since it was a present, I didn't tell my friends that I would have preferred another. I thought this one would still probably be interesting.

As we left the deli, one of my friends began talking about how he had been behaving rudely with women ever since he had returned from Chile. Apparently something about Chilean people made him feel that way.

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