Dream of: 02 October 1995 "Stealing From A Church"

led by god's spirit

otherwise known as holy ghost

oh what dreams may come 

My friend Jon (whom I first met in 1981 when we began law school together) had told me about a church which he used to attend which was no longer in use. Inside the church were supposed to be some stained glass windows, encased in strips of lead. Jon indicated that if I wanted any of the stained glass, I could go to the church and simply take it.

Interested in the stained glass, I went to the church and scrutinized it from the outside. It was a dark, colorless building whose somber hues made me think of Russia, and indeed almost made me think I was in Russia. The church was completely surrounded by a tall fence which appeared to be made of black wrought iron. Examining the fence more closely, however, I discovered that it seemed made of a softer substance such as wood or thick leather.

 I began trying to cut through the fence with some wire cutters which I had with me. I was quite nervous because although the church was supposed to be empty, I thought someone surely must be maintaining surveillance over the church. I had difficulty cutting through the fence, until finally I noticed a space wide enough between two bars of the fence for me to slip through. Cautiously squeezing through the fence, I found myself inside the courtyard and quickly made my way into the church.

Up on the second floor of the church I found the stained glass. By this time I was so nervous, however, I simply took a tiny piece of blue glass about the size of a fingernail and slipped it into my pocket.

As I headed back downstairs, I realized I had a problem: I could hear people in the church. Looking from behind a tall stone column, in the darkness of the church I could perceive the forms of people. It appeared that a service was in process – the church wasn't abandoned after all. What would I say if I were caught? My reputation could be completely destroyed if I were discovered to have stolen from a church.

I stealthily slipped closer to the door. In so doing, I realized the people were there for a funeral. Most of the people had already filed outside through the large front doors. Seeing my chance, I slipped into the crowd and stepped through the door onto the street. To my right – the black hearse. But look, over the heads of the people was passed the black coffin toward the hearse, like a ship sailing into harbor. Most striking was the shape of the coffin: it had the contours of a human being and looked more like a mummy case than a coffin.

I turned away from the crowd and headed down the bleak street, hoping to pass unnoticed.

Commentary of 28 January 2016

The "church" in this dream again seems to symbolize a physical portal to heaven, and again I look at the "Dream Journal" in that same light, as a physical portal to heaven. The Dream Journal seems to me to be a facilitator to reach "the other world" in much the same way as a church, and seems to leave one with many of the same doubts about the existence of heaven, as well as passionate hope.

Imagine the color of death!


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