Dream of: 30 September 1995 "If You Believe"

I was on a large, gray battleship, below deck in the forward portion of the ship where I could see how the steel hulls on both sides of me came together at the stem. The area seemed vacant and all I saw were the gray walls, floor and ceiling.

Although I knew the ship was engaged in a battle and was under attack, I was unprepared to see a missile crash through one side of the hull, fly past me and crash back out through the other side. The missile was long and about at half meter in diameter. It left a round hole on each side of the ship. I intuitively knew the missile was called an "exocet."


I was on land, standing on the shore of a harbor, from where I could see out in the harbor the ship on which I had been. The ship was smoking and looked as if it were going to sink. However at the moment I had more pressing concerns. I was being pursued by soldiers or police. An older man and a younger boy had been with me during the pursuit, but the older man had disappeared and I thought he had probably been killed. He had been wearing a red hat which I had picked up from the ground and was now carrying with me.

As the boy and I continued running, I saw a red brick building in front of me. It looked as if it had a black fire escape going up its side. Suddenly an amazing thought occurred to me: everything happening to me was an illusion. Even the death of the old man was part of the illusion. However there was only one way for me to stop the illusion: I must run straight into the wall of the red brick building and get into the room on the other side from where the illusion was being controlled.

Racing toward the building, a voice to me came saying, "If you believe." Sensing the meaning, if my faith were strong, I would pass through the brick wall. I didn't let up on my running, but I had serious doubts that I could pass through a brick wall. I knew I would have to hit the wall with all my force to show my belief. I also knew I would be seriously injured if I didn't pass through the wall. I wondered if the red cap would pass through the building with me.

Without slacking my speed I rammed into the building. I felt a rather peculiar sensation throughout my body as I realized I had passed through the wall and was now standing in a room inside the building.

Looking around the room, I knew this was the place from which the illusion was generated. But the room wasn't at all what I had expected. I had thought I would find the old man inside, but he was nowhere to be seen. In fact I could hardly see anything. There was a paucity of light, and the large room at first seemed completely empty.

Finally I saw an ancient man sitting in a chair at the side of the room. Someone bringing him a report about the war said that the exocet missile had exploded. The old man inquired where the missile had detonated and was told that it had exploded over Kazikstan. Envisioning a map of Kazikstan, I saw it as a province of the former Soviet Union somewhere north of China.

The ancient man was told that a quarter of the world's population had been killed by the missile. The ancient man didn't seem bothered by that fact. His only concern was that the missile had exploded somewhere far away from where he was.

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