Dream of: 28 September 1995 "Thumb"

I was on Gallia Street just east of Gay Street in Portsmouth, although the town didn't seem that much like Portsmouth. I was planning to go somewhere with a group of six or seven people (all probably in their early 20s). I thought one woman in particular would be with me, but when everyone showed up, and I saw she was going to be with another fellow in the group, I decided not to go with them.

I left, walked around by myself for a little while, and finally returned to the same area, close to a movie theater. A rock band named "Thumb" was going to be playing on the stage of the theater. "Thumb" had once been a famous group, but wasn't so well-known anymore. Nevertheless, quite a crowd had gathered to go inside. I looked at the posters and decided I didn't want to go in.

In front of the theater was a fellow who seemed the leader of the people with whom I had earlier come. He was standing there with an attractive, dyed-blonde woman. He resembled Beasley. Also standing next to him was another tall woman (perhaps seven foot tall); she also was blonde and dressed all in white.

When the fellow and the two women walked up to me, I asked them about the other woman with whom I had earlier wanted to be; they said they didn't think she was with the other fellow anymore. I thought about going with them to look for her, but I decided to just go on by myself.

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